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A Rock N' Roll New Do

Kelly Clarkson and her children and stepchildren
Kelly Clarkson | Instagram

As the pandemic continues to stretch on for seemingly endless months, parents are doing whatever they can to make these uncertain times a little less stressful for their children. Pop star and reality show host Kelly Clarkson shared a little on Twitter about how she is helping her daughter, 6-year-old River, cope with the sadness that comes with quarantine:

"I put a purple streak in my daughter’s hair today and I swear to you she thinks she is as cool as Prince now 🤣 Full on air guitar, singing at the top of her lungs, that is what’s happening..."

Parenting In Quarantine

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Instagram

Clarkson has clearly dealt with parenting choices being criticized on the internet before, because she ended her tweet by meeting the mommyshamers head on:

"Before I get attacked for being the worst mom ever, it’s safe, organic paint 🙄"

Parents flooded her replies by sharing their own experiences with raising kids during these unprecedented times, understanding that sometimes you just have to do whatever you can. Clarkson may be wildly famous and wealthy, but people still related to this parenting struggle.

Organized Chaos

Kelly Clarkson on 'The Voice'
Kelly Clarkson | Instagram

Clarkson has been extremely candid about what it is like raising children during a pandemic. She appeared on Today back in April and she explained:

"Nine times out of ten, my kids are losing it 'cause they have to do school, which is somehow a shock every day as well as naptime, it's super fun. I'm cooking all the time and cleaning all the time while doing work for several things. It's the most insane thing ever, honestly. And I drink a bit of wine, but we're hanging in there, so it's good.

Patience isn't a virtue that I hold. I'm very, I like to say passionate... I make jokes and I smile a lot and everything and especially with my show too... it is a very hard thing for such an extrovert that is used to living a schedule every day. There are lots of us that were so used to certain schedules, and just being trapped and not supposed to be around people is a very, kind of damaging thing to your psyche."

Going Through A Divorce

Luciana Damon, Matt Damon, Kelly Clarkson, and Brandon Blackstock
Kelly Clarkson | Instagram

On top of all of that, Clarkson announced that she and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, were divorcing after seven years of marriage. Many were shocked by the announcement, but apparently they decided to split "after realizing the relationship hasn’t been working for a while." A source told Entertainment Tonight:

"Kelly and Brandon work together nonstop and that became a contention in their relationship. Brandon is the [executive producer] of her show, as well as her manager. Kelly has always brought up wanting more children, which Brandon doesn't."

The couple shares two children, River and 4-year-old son, Remington.

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