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Keanu Reeves' Gorgeous Girlfriend, Alexandra Grant is More Than What the Eye Meets! Let's Find Out

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We all know the awesome Keanu Reeves from "John Wick," with his amazing acting skills. However, people also want to know about the love of his life, Alexandra Grant. She was born in Fairview Park, Ohio, United States of America in 1973. She is an American visual artist who found a way to survey written texts through sculpture, painting, and video. To improve on her work, Grant makes use of language as a trade with writers. She also examines the processes involved in writing, using linguistic theory as her backing source.

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This theory helps her to find a relationship between arts to create visual images. The artist resides in Los Angeles where she carries out her projects. Grant was born to parents who hailed from the Middle East. Her parents spent a lot of time in Africa and after a while, they got divorced. This led Grant to move to Mexico City with her mother. At age 11, she was enrolled her in Thomas Jefferson School, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

After a year in Thomas Jefferson School, Grant and her mother relocated to Paris to start a new life together. Here, she became a student of the International School in Paris and learned how to speak French fluently. Aside from English, she is also very conversant with the Spanish language, which makes her multi-lingual. Year later, in 1994, Grant bagged a Diploma in history and studio art from Swarthmore College. Six years later, she bagged an MFA in drawing and painting from California College of the Arts, situated in San Francisco.

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In 2007, Alexandra Grant met the prolific actor, Keanu Reeves and the duo became very good friends. They even began to write a book together, and that made their friendship bond stronger. Their friendship soon turned into a love spree in November 2019 when they announced that they were dating. Fans were very happy about this union as Reeves has not had the best love life in a long time. His first girlfriend, Jennifer Syme gave birth to their first child on December 24, 2000, but unfortunately, the child was stillborn.

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According to resources, this put a strain on the lover's relationship and resulted in their separation several weeks later. On April 2, 2001 Syme was reported to have been involved in a car crash and was pronounced dead on the spot. Although Keanu Reeves went into other relationships since then, fans are truly happy that he has found love again with a good friend. Reports also say that Reeves feel deeply for Grant because she helped him get over the death of his ex-girlfriend with her spiritual sensitivity.

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