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Katy Perry Sings About Googling Her Ex in New Song ‘Never Really Over’

By TheBlast Staff

Katy Perry is going to have people guessing which ex-boyfriend she's been up late googling years after a break up after the pop star got real in her new song, “Never Really Over”.

The “American Idol” judge dropped her song and music video for “Never Really Over” this morning. In the video, Katy is in full hippy mode with major Woodstock vibes while dancing in grassy fields.

Perry sings about "losing self-control" when she starts thinking about an ex and says, "Two years, and just like that // My head still takes me back // Thought it was done // but I Guess it’s never really over // Oh, we were such a mess // But wasn't it the best?"

The song mentions her dabbling in hypnotherapy because she has to “rewire this brain," admitting she "can’t even go on the internet without even checking your name."

It's unclear when the song was written but in 2017 Katy was still dating her current fiancé Orlando Bloom. The two dated from 2016 until February 2017 but then got back together in January 2018 and have been together ever since.

Katy’s other exes, prior to Orlando Bloom would be a brief fling with Diplo and John Mayer, who she dated for years. We're fairly certain she's not talking about Russell Brand.

The song, co-written by Katy and produced by Zedd, is expected to be on the singer’s next album.

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