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Katy Perry Does Her First Sensual ASMR And It Is Relaxing!

YouTube/Katy Perry
By Jeff Mazzeo

Listen closely and turn your volume all the way up because Katy Perry dropped a sensual and funny ASMR video where she reads the lyrics to her new song, "Harleys In Hawaii."

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and ASMR videos are made to trigger relaxed, euphoric emotions when watched. Whether you like it or not, ASMR video is a popular trend and Katy is jumping on the bandwagon.

"I'll be doing my very first ASMR reading the lyrics to 'Harleys In Hawaii,'" Perry said at the start of her video.

Oh, Bill

YouTube/Katy Perry

The video was shot at the Harley Davidson headquarters and featured Bill, a mechanic that is working on a motorcycle in the background.

Bill provides some comic relief by interrupting Katy with all kinds of bumps, clangs, and hisses as he tunes up the sweet ride.

"Can you please keep it down?" Perry asks Bill as she whispers into the mic.

Fans Love It!


Her fans seemed to love the new career path for the singer.

"LITERALLY ALL I EVER WANTED OH MY GOD MAKE AN ASMR CHANNEL," one fan commented on the video tease she posted to her Instagram.

One fan already crowned her the "Queen of ASMR" while another said, "love this !love this !love this !love this !"

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