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Katy Perry and Archbishop Show Mercy in Convent Debacle, Reduce Money Owed

By TheBlast Staff

Katy Perry is feeling the holy spirit because she is allowing the woman who tried to screw her out of her dream home off the hook for part of the millions she owes to the singer.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Perry and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles reached a settlement with Dana Hollister to reduce her court-ordered $15 million in damages to a mere $6.5 million. A difference of $8.5 million.

You may remember, Hollister interfered with the sale of a former Convent to Perry because the nuns did not approve of the singer's image. They tried to backdoor sell it to Hollister, who planned to turn it into a boutique hotel, but the Archbishop intervened because the church actually had ultimate rule over the sale of the property.

The battle ended up in court -- and one nun even died, allegedly from the stress -- but in the end a jury sided with Perry and ordered Hollister to pay the $15 million between the "Firework" singer and the Archbishop. Hollister eventually filed for bankruptcy

After the financial downfall, Hollister filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with assets totaling $49,055,621.30 and liabilities in the amount of $41,092,921.29.

Hollister wanted to keep her home, restore her reputation and bring an end to the litigation. She recently worked out a deal with Perry and the Archbishop that allowed her to make payments in installments over the next 30 months, with at least $1 million being paid off within a year.

The motivation for Perry and the Archbishop to cut a deal, according to the documents, is that they can get their money quickly and move on with their lives.

As for the property itself, Perry is still waiting on Vatican approval before the deal can be made final.

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