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Kate Upton Clears Up Breastfeeding Comment, Feeds Daughter In Revealing Bikini

By Whitney Vasquez

Kate Upton is clarifying the comments she made about her struggles with breastfeeding after getting flak from several moms following her interview with Editorialist in which the 27-year-old model said her daughter, Genevieve, sucked "the energy away from me." Upton, who welcomed her first child with husband Justin Verlander in November 2018, explained what she meant by that controversial comment and discussed the unrealistic standards society holds new mothers to. Speaking openly to her 6 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, Kate Upton didn't hold back.

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Elaborating on Breastfeeding Comment:


Showing a photo of her breastfeeding her sweet baby girl, the Sports Illustrated model began her lengthy message by writing, "I want to take a minute to clarify the context of feeling pressures as a new mother and breastfeeding in the @editorialistmagazine article." Kate Upton then went into detail about the question she was asked which was about getting back in shape after giving birth. "I discussed the major pressures that are out there for new moms to 'snap back' right after having a baby," she explained.

Bonding With Her Daughter:


The runway model also stated that she's not alone in feeling pressure from society to get her post-baby body back and she couldn't keep up with the "unnecessary and unrealistic expectations that are brought into every household, mostly via social media." Kate Upton stated she went right into beast mode after birth which wasn't the best choice for her or her new family. "I tried to push myself early to get back to the gym, eat perfectly and try to achieve this alleged 'snap back,'" she stated.

Saying 'No' To Weight Loss Pressures:


"But, after realizing how ridiculous these pressures are I quickly gave myself some slack and lived in the moment as a new mother. Every woman needs to give their body time to heal and to soak in those early, precious moments," Kate Upton added. She said that between "breastfeeding, healing, little-to-no sleep," and "off-the-charts hormone changes," she finally discovered the pressure to lose weight was "extremely unnecessary," so she decided to turn her energy towards her family. "My energy was drained but my heart was extremely full, and I decided to not let others’ opinions and expectations get in the way of my own personal timeline," she stated. "In my opinion, enjoy the moments with your new baby and growing family, allow your body time to heal and make sure to go at your own pace."

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