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The Future Queen Consort Is Filling Her Role Nicely


As Kate Middleton works to become Queen Consort, a royal commentator says she's "matured enchantingly."

Richard Fitzwilliams talked to U.K.’s Express recently about how Kate has progressed as a royal over the last few years.

“Since their marriage in 2011, Kate, who once seemed shy when speaking in public, has matured enchantingly. She was always a fashion icon and whatever she wore sparked global interest. Her appearances, whether live or, more recently, virtual, have a new spontaneity," Fitzwilliams says.

"She has a strong sense of duty and is deeply committed to the charitable causes she espouses, especially those involving children and mental health charities," he adds.

A queen consort is the wife of a reigning king, which William is expected to be some day. The queen consort has high social status but doesn't have political powers.

Staying Strong In a Crisis

Fitzwilliams adds that though the world is facing a pandemic, Kate and William have put on a brave face and are a pillar of support for people.

"Also, she and William are doing remarkably well in communicating to some of those currently involved in the fight against this virus and their appearances have both humour and compassion."

'Polished,' 'Poised'

Giphy | BBC

In January, royal historian Leslie Carroll, who wrote the book "Royal Romances," said that Middleton, as the years have gone on, has become a more trusted member of British royalty and is now seen as a “polished and poised” duchess.

“She grew into the role of the royal bride, having been William’s girlfriend for nearly a decade. Now that she has been a duchess for nearly the same amount of time, we’ve gotten a good look at who she is as a royal and what’s important," Carroll said.

Giphy | Wimbledon

Carroll says Kate is doing what she needs to do as a Queen Consort, and has already given birth to three children, so some of her "job" has been completed.

“Being a wife and mother… is clearly front and center, and one day as the Queen Consort she will play that maternal role... to Great Britain," Carroll said.

She continues:

"Catherine did everything expected of the perfect royal spouse by bearing an heir (and two ‘spares’) in quick succession, gamely (and publicly) coping with hyperemesis gravidarum throughout her pregnancies; and comes across as the model mother."

But it turns out that she's also very human.

"But for all those who feel pressed to keep up with her images of perfection, Kate has also been extremely candid (which is very modern for a royal) about the emotional and mental stigmas that mothers often cope with.”

A Busy Family Since 2011

Another commentator, Neil Sean, also says Kate has done a lot in the short amount of time that she's been married to William.

“As Kate, or rather the Duchess of Cambridge, hits the ripe age of 38 this year, there is a lot to be proud of and what she has truly achieved within the royal family.

Not only has she created a loving home for future King William and has three adorable children, but the last two years have seen Kate really place her firm fashionable stiletto heel within the royal family known as The Firm."

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