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Watch a 'Psychic' Tell Young Kate Middleton She Would Marry a 'William'

By TheBlast Staff

When Kate Middleton was just 13-years-old a "fortune teller" predicted she would marry a handsome, rich man named William ... turns out that prediction was very, very accurate.

Several years back, Middleton starred in a school play called "The Red Barn" while she was attending St. Andrews Preparatory School. In the play, which was written by teachers/students, a character reads her palm and calls it "a most lucky hand." Well, yeah.

The fortune teller goes on to see into Kate's future telling her she will marry "a handsome man, a rich gentleman" and he will take her to London and his name would be ... William.

She wasn't specific that it would be Prince William but let's not split hairs here.

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