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What's The History Behind Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring?

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By Clarissa Wilson

There is always a history behind something. The same holds true for the engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton. How old is the ring? How far back does the history of it go? Who wore the ring first?

Although the ring is only a few decades old, it still holds a rich family history behind it. It has great value as do other rings but this one more because of its roots to The Royal Family.

Although the ring in question is only a few decades old itself, its origin goes back a few centuries.

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Although Princess Diana was the very first one to wear it, there is some amazing history behind it. As with anything, the ring started out as an idea. The idea for the design of this family heirloom started all the back to 1840.

When Prince Albert was ready to propose marriage to Queen Victoria in 1840, he got the amazing idea to have a jeweler create a special brooch out of diamond and sapphire. The design of the ring came from the brooch, actually, a big oval-shaped sapphire with diamonds encircling it.


The British jeweler, Gerrand created the brooch for the queen, Queen Victoria and she cherished it.

According to Brides, the current jewelry designer, Sara Prentice had this to say about it.

“She found she loved it so much that she decided to wear it on her wedding day as her something blue on the front of her dress"

She loved and cherished the brooch as much as any woman would that her beloved husband had created just for her. Once Prince Albert died in 1861, the brooch became a family heirloom and was passed down from generation to generation through the years.

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The brooch was loved so much by the Royal Family, it has been a huge inspiration to many men who proposed marriage to their wives. In fact, Prince Charles was inspired by the design of the brooch so much so that he used that inspiration for the ring he gave to Princess Diana when he proposed to her.

Sara Prentice said,

"It was said to be a strong influence on Prince Charles when he came to Garrard to purchase a ring for Lady Diana. He actually ended up setting a sapphire cluster ring for her."


The ring itself was even made by the same person who made the brooch. Princess Diana loved it so much, she kept it and wore it until she died in 1997. As you can see, the ring may only be a few decades old, but the brooch is what inspired it to be made in the first place and the design of the brooch and ring have been passed down all through the years. The inspiration for the design has a lot of history behind it for the Royal Family.

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When Princess Diana passed away, her two songs each got a piece of a family heirloom that was once hers. Prince William chose a watch that belonged to her while Prince Harry ended up with the precious ring his mother once wore and loved. What an honor it must have been to not only have something that his mother once loved and wore until she died but something that was passed down through the family throughout the many years it has been in existence.

Although Prince Harry did get the ring, the brothers agreed that whoever got engaged first got to propose to their fiance with the beloved engagement ring of their mother's. So, since Prince William was to be engaged first, he received the ring from his brother. After all, an agreement is an agreement and when it comes to something so loved in the family and an agreement between brothers, that is to be honored.

When Prince William proposed to Duchess Kate, now Princess Kate, she got the wear the ring and still wears it to this day.

Although Prince Harry gave the ring to his brother because of their agreement about the ring, he had a special ring made for his now-wife, Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry wanted to pay a tribute to his beloved mother when proposing marriage to Meghan. So, he had a ring made with two diamonds that came from his mother's personal collection. The ring has a large square-cut diamond on it with two smaller diamonds on both sides of it. Because of this, both sons were able to pay tribute to their mother when proposing marriage to their wives. How sweet are these men?

What do you think about the history and the origin of the ring that Kate Middleton now wears? Sound off with your thoughts below and join in the conversation!

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