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Kate Beckinsale Brushes Her Kitty On Camera, Footage Instantly Goes Viral

By Whitney Vasquez

Kate Beckinsale is taking care of her precious cargo which includes her beautiful white and gray kitty cat. The 46-year-old star took to social media and proceeded to tease fans by brushing her fluff ball, knowing the pamper session would leave her the target of several jokes. It all started when the "Underworld" actress posted a clip to Instagram showing her stroking the frisky feline on Tuesday afternoon. Kate Beckinsale proceeded to take a gold hair brush, because nothing but the best for her kitty, Clive, and comb down the wet cat.

Clive Is a Trooper!


Fresh out of the bath, the brunette bombshell brushed through every bit of Clive's dripping wet main, much to his dismay. Taking a blow dryer to his fur, the gorgeous kitty, who sat high on an animal print chair, was a good sport about the whole thing, until he finally had enough. "Something for the weekend sir?" Kate Beckinsale captioned the hilarious at-home salon video. Within hours, the actress' post collected hundreds of thousand of double taps with several of her followers leaving comments with sexual undertones.

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Footage Is An Instant Hit!


"Style me like one of your french girls," one person wrote, giving an obvious nod to the 1997 film "Titanic." "You look after your kitty (pun intended)," commented another. "I'd let you brush me any day," wrote someone else. Others were just simply impressed that Clive sat long enough for Kate Beckinsale to brush him. "My cat would claw my eyes out if I tried to bathe her! You’re lucky 🤣," a fan laughed. "Holy Hell!!! I cant believe he sits still for that😯Thats amazing😁," commented a second. Her kitty brushing video has collected over 200k likes and continues to rise.

She's Got a New Boyfriend?!


Kate Beckinsale's love for her animals runs deep. She is constantly smothering them with affection and, most recently, she's been using them as props for hilarious content. Following Easter, the actress shared a video showing herself working out while trying to burn off all that holiday goodness. Meanwhile, Clive was seen on the counter attempting to claw his way through boxes of candy. When Kate Beckinsale isn't covering her pets in kisses or cuddling them in bed, she's often playfully embarrassing them. Most recently, when she picked up Clive and forced him to be her dance partner. Or when her dog wouldn't stop barking during her peaceful backyard yoga session so she put him on blast. But her kitty video isn't the only reason she's in the press. Kate Beckinsale has reportedly dating musician Goody Grace, who is 24 years younger than the star.

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