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Kate Beckinsale's Angry Santa Kitty Has Fans Rolling

By Gary Trock

Getting dressed up in embarrassing costumes is, unfortunately, a rite of passage for pets these days, as their owners continuously think up clever ways to gain Internet clout by exploiting their furry friends. Kate Beckinsale is no exception to the rule, as she just subjected her cat to a holiday photo that he definitely was not feline.

The "Underworld" star shared a video and photos of her Persian kitty, Clive, on Thursday night dressed up like not-so-jolly St. Nick while sitting under her Christmas tree.

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"Bad Santa" the star wrote, followed my a string of emoji hearts. Beckinsale often features her two Persian cats on her social media.

A video of Clive shows his disapproval of the costume, as the cat literally has a scowl on his adorable face. "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" is playing in the background, but Clive is most definitely not feeling the Christmas spirit.

Beckinsale's fans thought poor Clive's holiday hate was too funny, and filled up her post with comments of praise.

"girl. If you think I’m not gonna try and get my fur ball to do this too," one fan wrote.

"Grinch Kitty!" a second fan commented, while another suggested, "That should be a christmas card!!!!!!"

'This Is My Life'


Unfortunately, the Santa incident is not the first time poor Clive has been subjected to embarrassing costumes, as he appears to be Beckinsale's regular target for fun pics. A few months back he was dressed as a lobster and placed upon Beckinsale's countertop.

Over Halloween, Clive was dressed up as Pennywise the murderous clown from Steven King's "It." His scowl actually worked that time, as it fit the dark motif of the costume perfectly.

Kate Loves Her Cats


Kate Beckinsale clearly loves her feline friends, and has lots of fun posting with them on social media. However, she understands the friendship only goes so far, and will have to cover her eyes if she ever falls ill.

"Sometimes I like to test if they think I’ve dropped dead,will they alert a neighbour or eat my eyeballs? It’s definitely eyeballs," she wrote on Instagram.

As for why she prefers cats over dogs, the answer is quite simple, telling PEOPLE it all comes down to poop.

"Cats are easier than dogs ... you don’t have to walk around with a bag of poo like you do with a dog, which I hate to walk around with a bag of poo.”

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