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Times The KarJenners Looked Sexy To Workout

Arthur Belebeau | Shape Magazine
By Enoch K

The KarJenners manage to look amazing wherever they go. They look especially great in workout clothes. The family has made it a habit to look stylish on and off the red carpet. They all have their own distinctive styles too. Kendall’s staple is a bold sports bra and Kim loves tights & a monochromatic look! One thing they all make sure is that the clothes fit their bodies perfectly. Let's get into the clothes and see how the KarJenners look sexy to work out

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Kim is Gray

Dream team | BACKGRID

Following her normal style, Kim sticks to monochrome colors. They almost always match her skin tone. Out of all of her sisters, Kim’s clothes are something she would wear out of the gym just to wear to like a grocery store. It is easier to wear to put on something on and just go workout.

This is great. As no one wants to think too much about what they have to wear to the gym. Most people struggle to get to the gym, so if you can just wear something you would wear on your regular day it is good.

Crop Top Ready

C'mon Kourtney! A crop top over a sports bra is simple & clean and a toned stomach never looks bad. Her use of Adidas workout pants gives the illusion she might be on the way to work out or maybe not. This is what the KarJenners do very well. Their ability to wear clothes typically assigned for only working out but wearing them for other purposes makes athleisure even better.

She actually looks like she is going to dance somewhere! The sunglasses are a perfect touch. This is an outfit you can see anyone wearing on the street, especially in the Summer.

Adidas Down

Do the women have a brand partnership with Adidas? Or is it just a popular brand? It seems all the women wear it a lot. Either way, Kylie is Adidas down from her head to toe. She decided to mix it up with Nikes on feet though. It can only be assumed she is coming from the gym. The bleach spot on her tights and tank top show she is just like the rest of us. The outfit is nothing special. The purse adds a little more refinery to the otherwise plain outfit. It is also the only real pop of color. She does look super comfy. How do people work out with makeup on? It would be such a worry that everything will just melt off.

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