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Pie In the Sky


Food fights on TV and in movies can be fun to watch. The scene in Animal House is a classic one that everyone can relate to.

And the massive food fight that breaks out on Blazing Saddles still hasn't been defeated.

One secret to a good food fight is the pie; there has to be a pie in the face somewhere. But messy faces dripping with a melange of food substances can also elicit big laughs.

The Scene Is Already Expired


But one food fight that hasn't even been shown yet is already starting to spoil.

The family in "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" will air its version on Sunday, but people are already up in arms about it.

The fam is shown eating outside, when the big beefy brawl breaks out.

Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian are throwing pasta around and having a grand time. Kim is even shown tossing an entire bowl of pasta at someone in one shot.

Khloe Kardashian is the only one who decided not to partake in the fun, at least in the preview clip.

Khloe Was the Lone Objector

Giphy | KUWTK

"Am I bothered by this food fight right now," Khloe asks herself in the clip.

She answers herself, saying "Who the f--- wouldn't be bothered by this? This is, in any normal world, bizarre, disturbing and unacceptable," she adds.

Then Kris is seen yelling, "Listen you little piece of s---," as she throws even more food.

There's a pretty good chance this food is not cheap. These are the Kardashians, and they make a helluva lot of money. Imagine what they could have done with that food instead.

Let's Not Waste Food


Throwing food around is just waste, and fans caught on to this and called their bluff.

“Makes me cringe to think of all the food that was wasted. How many people are dying of starvation around the world??”, one asked.

“Shame on all of you, people would give their right arm for that food!! Disgusting,” said another person.

We Should Actually Be Donating Food


"Thanksgiving Day is coming quickly. So many of us are working hard, volunteering, donating, so that "all might have some," wrote one person on Khloe's Instagram.

"While people are suffering from hunger worldwide you guys are just throwing food as if it’s a game," said jana.i.h.

But ... Can't We Just Have Fun?

Giphy | HULU

momof3ava spoke highly of the food fight, saying it's a great way to just have spontaneous fun with family members.

"My family and close friends have had food fights. It's not planned it just happens and we laugh and run and chase each other around even running down the street. Some great hilarious random memories. Have fun."

Still, couldn't people find other ways to have wholesome family fun without throwing away perfectly good food?

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