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Kanye West Accuses Fashion Co. of Trying to Squeeze Him for $600k in Yeezy Battle

By TheBlast Staff

Kanye West is demanding the lawsuit accusing him of screwing over a supplier for his Yeezy sneakers be thrown out, saying they never delivered the product.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kanye and Yeezy are demanding the case filed by Japanese knitted fabric supplier Toki Sen-I Co. be dismissed.

Kanye says the company never delivered the product as promised and therefore they were not paid for the work.

He says, "Plaintiff never delivered the allegedly contracted-for product, and Yeezy Apparel allegedly did not pay the full price for that undelivered product. Despite being a basic business dispute between companies, Plaintiff needlessly inflates this case into a 4-count complaint under both tort and contract theories, baselessly including the celebrity member of Yeezy Apparel (Mr. West)."

Kanye says nothing in the lawsuit even mentions he did anything besides post two irrelevant tweets. Further, "At the outset, because Plaintiff has not clearly pleaded the terms of a contract, it is unclear which of the contractual terms alleged was purportedly breached."

He wants the entire case tossed out of court ASAP.

As The Blast first reported, West and his Yeezy Apparel were sued by Toki Sen-I Co, who claimed they were stiffed hundreds of thousands over the Yeezy sneakers.

Toki Sen said shortly after 2015, they got into business with Kanye to deliver samples for upcoming Yeezy sneakers, and, at the time, everything went smoothly and payments were made.

However, in June 2018 Kanye placed a large order for various materials of fleece fabric, and they immediately went into production. Toki Sen wanted a down payment for the work and claimed Kanye never ponied up any money. But because of Kanye's previous history, they did not think there would be an issue.

They claimed that Kanye later came to them and told them he would not be paying for the fabric. Toki Sen said they are owed $624,051 over the fabric, and have offered numerous payment plans to no avail.

The company also claimed Kanye’s company, Yeezy Apparel, is a "shell" and a "sham" without capital assets or member interest.

They believe Kanye West operates Yeezy Apparel to prevent himself from being personally liable for anything.

The case is ongoing.

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