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Taking Sunday Service To A Megachurch

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Rapper and "Christian Genius Billionaire" Kanye West is taking his Sunday Services on the road again, this time to influential pastor and author Joel Osteen's megachurch in Houston, Texas.

West has taken his Sunday Services to locations like Coachella and The Forum in LA, but Osteen's Lakewood Church, which boasts 45,000 members and 10 million TV viewers, would be his largest Sunday Service audience yet.

According to TMZ, "Ye and Joel have been talking fairly regularly recently ... they've become friends, especially since Kanye has doubled down in his devotion to God."

They Have Similar Messages

Gettyimages | Joe Raedle

According to reports, West and his traveling choir will perform (likely songs from his new album Jesus Is King) and then he'll be in conversation with Osteen for 20 to 30 minutes about the adversity that he's overcome.

It makes sense for West and Osteen to team up, because they are both promoters of "prosperity gospel," directly linking financial blessings with spiritual wellness. After he got a $68 million tax return, West claimed:

"People say, 'Oh, don't talk about these numbers.' No, people need to hear that someone that had been put into debt by the system talk about these kind of numbers now that they’re in service to Christ."

Osteen, who is allegedly worth $50 million, said:

"It's God's will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It's God's will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt."

Kanye's Recent Changes

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

Kanye West has been sparking tons of conversation about how his religious renewal has influenced his behavior. He even went as far as to ban his team from premarital sex while they were making Jesus Is King.

His biggest change to date was how he responded to his wife Kim Kardashian's sexy Met Gala dress. On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, West was seen saying:

"I went through this transition where being a rapper, looking at all these girls and looking at my wife, like, ‘Oh my girl needs to be just like the other girls showing their body off.’ I didn’t realize that that was affecting my soul and my spirit as someone who is married and the father of now … about to be four kids. A corset is a form of underwear, it’s hot, for who though?

You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy."

He's Planning On Running For President

Gettyimages | Pool

Not only is West undergoing a major religious change, he's also talking big about entering the political arena. While his declaration was met with chuckles from the crowd, West seems serious when he claims that he's running for President in 2024.

"When I run for president in 2024, we're going to definitely- yo whatchu all laughing at? When I run for president in 2024, we would've created so many jobs that, in fact, I'm going to walk. What I'm saying is, when y'all read the headlines, 'Kanye's crazy,' this and that, this and that, it's like one in three African Americans are in jail and all of the celebrities are in jail also because they can't say nothing! They've got no opinion! They're so scared!"

Kanye is clearly a man with some big opinions, but should we be worried about his mental health?

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