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Kanye West Doesn't Fill His Slurpee Cup All The Ye Up

By TheBlast Staff

Kanye West is given a lot of leeway because of his creative genius, but not filling a Slurpee cup to the tippy top may be unforgivable.

Yeezus was leaving a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles on Wednesday with his slushy treat in hand, although it's unclear what flavor he went with because he didn't fill it up past the lid!

Seriously, that is what the bubble shaped lid is for, filling the cup up to the brim with Slurpee so that it peeks out the top and melts the sticky syrup down the side.

And for those of you that say he may have already enjoyed some of his frosty beverage while inside the store ... his straw is still inside it's plastic sheath, so save your excuses.

Also, if it wasn't cherry and Coke mixed together then GTFO.

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