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Tranquil No More

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The state of Wyoming is having trouble adjusting to the new Kanye.

The rapper and star, with his wife, celebrity Kim Kardashian, in September purchased a sprawling, 9,000-acre ranch in the state. Their goal was to record some music there and be one with nature.

But they've run slightly afoul of the law -- nothing major yet, but it makes for some uncomfortable headlines for the global duo.

They Need Some Space

Gettyimages | Team GT

Their new home away from home, Monster Lake Ranch, appeals to the two for its remoteness as well as a place to raise their numerous children. It also gives room for Kanye and the kids plenty of room to roam its barns, corrals, restaurant, and event center.

Freaking Out the Wildlife

Recently the Kardashian Wests were paid a visit by a Wyoming game warden.

Kim had allegedly posted a video of her and Kanye riding around in a golf cart, following some wild antelope. In one part of the Kim is reportedly heard saying "You're scaring them," but West pays no mind.

Fans took note, and it seems a game warden had to educate them on rules regarding local wildlife. Rule number 1: don't chase antelope in a golf cart.

Digging a Hole

West was also trying to build an amphitheater on his Wyoming ranch too, but he, or his staff, broke ground without getting a building permit -- another common-sense mistake.

He was apparently ordered to stop all work on the project until he completed a new building permit.

Life really is slower in Wyoming, at least for them.

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