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Here is the Reason Why Kanye West Compares Marriage to 'Dog Years'

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By Clarissa Wilson

Everyone knows celebrity power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West and that they have been married since 2014. Although they got married in a private ceremony in Italy in 2014, the couple has known each other for a lot longer than this.

When Kanye and Kim met, they were actually already in relationships with other people. They were already both famous before they met. Mutual friend and singer, Brandy introduced the couple and the rest is history. Soon after Kim got a divorce from her first husband, Kris Humphries in 2012, she and Kanye went on their first date. This was when Kanye stated that Kim was "just so much fun."

Kim said she knew Kanye was the "one" during their interview together with Vogue Arabia. She said, "I realized you were the one, and then I was like 'damn, why did I waste so much time and energy? Why didn't I do this sooner?"

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Since the couple has been together and tied the knot, they now have four children together.; North, born in 2013, Saint, born in 2015, Chicago, born in 2018, and Psalm, born in 2019.

Although this celebrity power couple has lasted a lot longer than most couples have in the celebrity world, they still have their share of marriage problems just like any other normal married couple does.

Kanye says their marriage is far from perfect and they have had their share of problems. He said it is a bit different than a single life and went as far as to compare marriage to 'dog years.'

In fact, West says, “You know how dog years are like seven years? Every marriage year is like 100 years.”

He then joked around saying that he has been married to Kim for 500 years now in 'dog years.'

And, although the couple has not said anything about their marriage being in any kind of trouble at the moment, fans and onlookers seem to think a bit different about it, saying that there might be a little trouble in paradise between the celebrity couple.

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Back in October, the reality show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians; aired an episode of the couple having a rather heated argument over the clothes Kim was wearing at the most recent Met Gala, In fact, Kanye had this to say to Kim:

“You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy.”

Since Kanye mentioned he was uncomfortable with the way Kim was dressed at the Met, many fans are speculating that this may be due to the fact that the two of them have such different views on life.

For one thing, Kanye is really into Christianity and his faith while Kim isn't as dedicated as he is. Not only this, but Kanye is such a strong supporter of Trump while Kim isn't much of a fan of his.

However, after they had the argument, Kanye said he suffered on social media for it. But, he also says that he knows there are a lot of guys who were glad he said what he did.


After their argument about her outfit, Kardashian posted a bunch of pictures on social media with the family in their Halloween costumes. Although she stated in the posts that Kanye was among them, he seemed to be a bit hard to identify. This led fans to believe he wasn't even the one in the costume, which also leads them to believe the most recent divorce rumors about the power couple. However, Kim and Kanye seem to be turning a blind eye to those rumors and not saying anything about getting a divorce or not.

Only time will tell if one of the hottest Hollywood couples can stay together despite their many differences.

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