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Kanye West Says He Will CRUSH Joe Biden In Presidential Race On Just 'Write-In' Votes!!

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By Mike Walters

Kanye West says he isn't worried about getting himself officially on the Presidential ballot in key states, in fact, he now says he will crush hopeful Joe Biden with just collecting 'write-in' votes.

The 'Yeezy' boss just took to Twitter to blast the former Vice-President, and let the world know that he will be able to collect more votes than the Democratic hopeful with just his fans writing in his name!

"I will beat Biden off of write-ins #2020VISION" Kanye just tweeted, which of course immediately started trending on the social media platform.

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'I Can Beat Biden Off Of Write-Ins!'

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And if you didn't hear him the first time, Kanye re-tweeted the call to action, but this time he decided to YELL it to his followers.


As you can imagine, the tweet started gaining thousands of like and comments, but many of them are thinking the same thing as most of the public -- which is hoping the hip-hop legend get the mental health treatment it seems he so desperately needs.

Fans Beg Rapper To 'Get The Help You Need ASAP!'


"I know people think this is cute and all and some may laugh it off; but you need serious help Kanye. It’s too late to get into the election process, so just stop. Most importantly, if you love your children, get the help you need ASAP. They deserve better from you," one of his followers replied.

A few fans advised Kanye that it is too late, and almost impossible to win at this point, so he should just focus on getting his latest album out to his fans.

"No you can’t! Stop it and focus on your music or 2024 election. You only scaring Dems because they think you will divide the vote and allow trump to be re-elected. Make more rants about him or run on a Rep ticket," the person tweeted.

Kanye West Getting 'Write-In' Votes Isn't As Easy As It Sounds....


For the record, it is possible to write-in Kanye West on some of voting ballots for President of The United States, but its complicated.

According to reports, writing in a candidate isn't as easy as it sounds based on state laws that restrict ballot access to some of its residents.

There are eight states where ballots won't even have space for Kanye fans to 'write-in' their favorite rapper. Plus, in 32 other states, write-in candidates have to file with the state prior to the election to be counted as official candidates.

Let's be honest, a write-in candidate winning the popular vote is extremely unlikely, and Kanye has already missed the deadline in several states to be on the Presidental ballot.

Kim Kardashian Attempts To Get Kanye West Hospitalized For Bi-Polar Episode


According to his family, Kanye West is in the middle of a serious Bi-polar manic episode and his wife, Kim Kardashian, even tried to get him involuntarily hospitalized to treat his current mental state.

Kanye sparked major mental health questions after his first Presidential campaign speech, where he ranted about killing his own daughter and sobbed uncontrollably while talking about his own mother almost aborting him.

After the unsuccessful attempt to 'lock him up' as Kanye tweeted, the rapper has holed up at the family's Wyoming ranch and says he is considering divorcing wife, Kim Kardashian. He is surrounded by his 'team' and has also been visiting by several celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Damon Dash, and Dave Chapelle.

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