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Kanye West's iPhone Password is '000000'

By TheBlast Staff

Kanye West's rants, top secret projects and most personal secrets are guarded by an elaborate security system which requires a precise sequence of numbers to be entered ... that just happen to be all 0.

Yes, the phone of Yeezus, which has been used to deliver some of the most controversial statements by a celebrity in the past year, is guarded with a passcode of "000000."

West revealed the complex integral sequence during Thursday's meeting in the Oval Office with President Trump and Jim Brown. Along with the "Spaceballs" level password, West also delivered a nonsensical stream of thoughts during his meeting, which included details on his alleged mis-diagnosis of Bipolar disorder and his MAGA hat as a "Superman cape."

It would have been way easier for Kanye to open his phone with Apple's facial recognition system, but there's a good chance even his own iPhone doesn't recognize the rapper anymore.

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