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Kanye West Did Not Fall Off a Horse During Sunday Service, But the Video Is Hilarious

By Mike Walters

Kanye West seemed to have a rough start to this week's Sunday Service after he allegedly fell off of a horse he was riding into the church, but it turns out the viral video is NOT him.

The clip went viral on social media Sunday morning, and it features a person riding atop a horse making an entrance into a church service.

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Video Is Old, And Not Kanye


In the video, which is trending on social media, a person wearing all white rides on the back of a horse while entering a church service. But, as the horse enters the church it seems uncomfortable and uneasy and as the animal walked across the front of the stage, it turns quickly throwing the person off of it's back.

Several outlets posted the video after it was alleged to be Yeezy riding the horse, but we are told from sources close to Kanye that it's just not him.

The video itself is actually old and made the rounds a few days ago. But, people can't help themselves sharing the video...because it is pretty funny.

The Video Has Been Making The Rounds For A While...


DJ Akademiks posted the video with the caption, "Why that horse acting up wit my boy #kanyewest he just tryna have a grand entrance to Sunday service."

Even radio station Hot 97 reposted the video on Twitter.

People have questioned the authenticity of the video because no clear version made it's way to social media, many are just sharing a few blurry versions.

Fans React Thinking It's Kanye West


Kanye has yet to address the accusations, but maybe he'll talk about during this week's Sunday Service.

Fans are reacting on Twitter to the video, posting questions about why he would be riding the horse in the first place.

"Why Kanye even have a horse inside a church???" one person tweeted. Another asked, "Did Kanye really fall off a horse riding into church??"

"Kanye west falling off a horse at that Sunday service is the funniest thing you will see today," one person posted. Another person said, "The horse was probably scared with all that noise and all those people."

It's not him, but for some reason, we can't stop watching it.

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