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Kanye West Is Actually SERIOUS About Running For President?! Celebrities BLAST The Rapper!

By Mike Walters

Kanye West is actually serious about becoming the next President of the United States, and now celebrities are beginning to BLAST the rapper for how his running may have real implications in the election.

In the days following Kanye's Presidential announcement, the obvious implication is that he wasn't serious about running -- and could have been doing this for publicity. But, now it appears he is being serious about an actual run for the top office.

"Kanye is telling people close to him that his announcement of running for president is serious," a source told ET.

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Kim Kardashian Says He 'Has More To Offer Than What People Think'


They continued, "[He] has been toying with the idea for a while and has been getting more and more into politics."

The story claims Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, isn't just in on the joke -- but she actually "fully supports his dream to run for president," adding she "feels he has more to offer than what people think."

"Kanye has talked to several high-powered friends over the years about his idea and has gotten their support behind closed doors," the story notes.

So, the public is now taking aim at the rapper and sneaker mogul, including several high-profile celebrities.

Matt Barnes BLASTS Kanye For Possibly 'Splitting The Minority Vote'

Gettyimages | Pool

NBA star **Matt Barnes**took to Instagram to show his disgust for Kanye's bid for the Presidency, pointing out how it could actually negatively impact Joe Biden's legitimate shot at the office.

Barnes reacted to DJ Hed's statement, "No more voting for celebrities who've never held public office. If you wouldn't hire a plumber to work on the electrical wiring in your house why would you vote this way? America's obsession with fame/celebrity is the endgame."

Barnes responded, "This is a dangerous game he's playing. If this is serious, he will definitely divide the minority vote!! Just remember comments like "slavery was a choice" and how buddy buddy he is with trump! Much respect for the artist & his impact on fashion but this a HUGE F--- NO 4 PRESIDENT!!"

Kanye's Mental Health Issues Called Into Question...


At first, a few celebrities poked fun at the rapper for his public statement including Paris Hilton, Lisa Rinna, John Stamos, and others claiming they would be running for the job too!

But, as it became clear that he was serious, things began to take a more serious turn.

As we reported, many are calling out Kanye's mental health issues as a huge problem for him running for public office. As you know, West was involuntarily hospitalized for 8 days after suffering from 'temporary psychosis.'

Also, Kanye hasn't filed the proper paperwork to get on the ballot, and many are hoping he will just not do what it takes to actually run.

If he does, it appears other celebrities may join in attacking him for possibly taking votes away from Joe Biden. Only time will tell...

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