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Kanye West Gets Wyoming Visit From Damon Dash, Fans Beg Hip-Hop Mogul To Get Him Help!!

Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez
By Mike Walters

Kanye West just recieved a visit in Wyoming from Damon Dash, who fans are now begging to help the rapper get medical treatment for his reported ongoing bipolar episode.

The hip-hop mogul landed in Coty, Wyoming earlier today, and shared a photograph of himself talking to Kanye on the rapper's ranch.

In the picture, its clear that the group are having a serious conversation -- but, Dash did not elaborate on what exactly he was saying to Kanye.

'We good,' is all Dash captioned the photo, but it sparked many to ask him to stay by Yeezy's side until he can get the help he needs.

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"Glad you took time out to reach out," one person wrote after seeing the photo.

"Yes!! Help him😎❤️🙏🏻" another wrote, adding, "Take care of your boy."

As you know, Kanye has been tweeting up a storm, including allegations that wife Kim Kardashian was attempting to 5150 him and "lock him up" due to the concerns he was mentally unstable.

Instead of listening, West blasted Kim accusing her of an inappropriate meeting with Meek Mill -- and went after her mom calling her 'Kris Jong Un.'

This isn't the first famous visitor Kanye has had in Wyoming since this all began, comedian Dave Chapelle visited him over the weekend.

'They Are Working To Get Him The Help He Needs'

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

According to a new report, Kanye is claiming he has already been seen by a doctor in Wyoming and he is in a 'stable' mental state.

"They are working to get him the help he needs. He's been seen by a doctor. He was assessed, and the assessment on Monday determined that he did not need immediate hospitalization and that he was in a stable mental state at the time," a source told

The problem is Kanye continues to fire off tweets which seem unhinged and manic -- and his family is very concerned for his well-being. Plus, all of this comes on the heels of a very public emotional breakdown during his first public Presidental campaign speech.

Kanye Meets With Several Celebrities While Holed Up In Wyoming


Interestingly, a few of Dash and Kanye's fans are warning him to separate himself from the Kardashian's with one fan saying, "Make sure he stay far away from them Kardashians."

The problem is it does appear Kanye is going through some sort of mental health issues and Kim is supporting him as she has done in the past.

"Make sure he straight man, show him extra love!!!" one comment read after many just hope Dame can help with the situation.

According to reports, Kanye is surrounding by people who care about him including his wedding's best man, his former manager, and all of their priority is to get him the help he needs.

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