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'Brunchella' Sunday Service $55 Meal Being Compared To Fyre Festival, Food Not Part Of Kanye's Event

By Mike Walters

People who attended Kanye West's 'Brunchella' are pissed after spending $55 on a brunch, that is now being compared to the famous 'Fyre Festival' food.

Kanye West brought his ‘Sunday Services’ to Baton Rouge, Louisiana this weekend where he played songs from his new album ‘Jesus Is King.'

Like all of Kanye's Sunday are giving praise to the born again rapper and the performances, but many are not happy with the price of attending and food provided at the event.

Patrons paid $55.00 for the ‘Brunchella’ event which accompanied the Sunday Service event.

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$55 Brunchella Meal....


"The food looks awful at #Brunchella but the orange juice sitting out with water still in the cases has me dying. Y’all paid $55 for this?!" one person said.

The comparison to Fyre Festival was inevitable and people started posting side by side photos of infamous meal.

"What's going on at Fyre Fest South aka #Brunchella?" one fan wrote.

During the now infamous festival a photo of the lunch made waves after ticket buyers were promised "gourmet celebrity chef meals. It turned out to be "literally bread, cheese, and salad with dressing,” one festival-goer wrote"

The Photo: Brunchella VS. Fyre Festival


But, in a press release late, the event coordinator clarified the brunch was provided for ticket holders before Kanye's performance.

"On Friday, November 1, Lauryn’s Fine Catering provided brunch to Baton Rouge Sunday Service to attendees. Sunday service has no affiliation with the ‘Brunchella’ catering service. Attendees were to be provided with a hot brunch while waiting on Kanye West to perform. The catering company did not provide adequate food for ONE attendee and a social media post went viral," they said.

The continued, "Kanye West and the Sunday Service collective has no responsibility for any food complaints reported and should be disassociated with such claims.

As one person pointed out on Twitter, "Kayne not responsible for this.. The promoter is who put the brunch together.."

Brunch NOT Associated To Sunday Service Performance


A source close to the situation tells The Blast, The Bethany Church in Baton Rouge holds an annual event called “Brunchella” each year to fundraise. Kanye and his Sunday Service did perform at the event at 8pm that night.

The church denies it is an annual event, and claims the church was simply used as venue for the event. The food was provided by a promoter for 'Brunchella.'

In this case, Kanye did not receive any money to perform and was not contractually associated with the event. It was only used as the location for his ‘touring’ Sunday Service.

Kanye was not associated with ticket sales to the event, that was coordinated by the church on site.

Rough Week...Plan B

Plan B

Kanye has had a rough week in the publicity department. During an interview surrounding the release of his latest album 'Jesus is King' he took heat for his comparison of Plan B and abortion.

Kanye was accused of spreading misinformation about abortion by equating it with contraceptives like Plan B.

In the interview, with radio legend Big Boy, Kanye spoke about how legal abortion has been used by politicians to “brainwash” black women into murdering their babies.

The medical community and reproductive health organizations, were quick to respond to West’s claims trying to set the record straight.

“Plan B is not an abortion pill— it will not harm an existing pregnancy and it will not be effective if a woman is already pregnant," one organization responded.

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