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When the spasm hit, Cuoco was forced to lay flat on the floor, with a pillow supporting her head.

“I’m laying flat on my back. There’s ice back there," she told her fans.

Cuoco is a little worried about this spasm, because it seemingly has a moving knot.

“I’m starting to panic because this knot has moved to the middle of my back, almost on my spine," Cuoco reported.

Cuoco included a poll in her Instagram story, asking whether she should see a doctor for this back spasm. It seemed most people agreed that she should seek professional help.

Back Spasm Vs. Wine

But it turns out it was not really the back spasm that was the issue, but rather how she could ensure she had access to her glass of wine.

There's not much else she could do in that state, so why not?

“It has been suggested to me to not move the rest of the night. Like, literally lay in bed and not move. But my biggest concern was how am I going to reach my wine glass,” she said.

Wine Is Still a Girl's Best Friend

“I’m laying on the floor, but don’t worry guys, the view is stunning,” Cuoco said as she showed the view from her balcony.

“And I have that,” she said, referring to the glass of wine in her hand.

“I don’t want to panic, but it’s not feeling right,” she said about her back, adding, "this will help." The wine, she means.

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