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Kaley Cuoco Reuniting With Her Dog Will Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes

By Gary Trock

Kaley Cuoco finally made it home and reunited with her furry friends after a long time away! The "Big Bang Theory" star shared a photo of herself and Norman, arguably her favorite dog of the bunch.

"Being away from Norman legit rips my soul apart. I trudge ahead, head in the sand in complete denial at how much I miss him. Then I see him again and it’s like we never missed a beat . My truest soulmate," she wrote on Instagram.

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Cuoco had been in NYC as she finished wrapping up production for the year on her latest project, "The Flight Attendant." She was also in Bangkok, Thailand for a few weeks while shooting. Her husband, Karl Cook, was able to join her on the international travels, however, her dogs had to remain at home in Los Angeles.

After the reunion, Norman joined Cuoco during her daily vlog on IGTV, "A Cup of Cuoco." He could be seen relaxing in bed with the actress while she enjoyed a morning cup of coffee and worked off her hangover from the other night.

The Other Night


On Saturday, Cuoco explained to fans how hard she went the night before at the cast and crew's wrap party. She described a hangover of epic proportions, and even though she ate an entire pizza to myself ... she had no regrets.

"I definitely partied pretty hard, had so much food," she wrote.

Cuoco added "I didn't know my body could consume that amount of food. It was my night." Unfortunately, she ended up stuck in NYC for an extra night because she missed her flight after reading her itinerary wrong.

She Loves Animals


Cuoco definitely has a soft spot for dogs, as she is active in many non-profits, but she is obsessed with animals of all types. During taping of "The Flight Attendant," she even shared a photo after shutting down set to love on an adorable bunny.

"Of course I find a bunny on set 🐰 also our awesome 1st AD who I adore @dmp_nyc in the background glaring at me for wasting time taking pictures when I should be shooting."

That's some serious star power.

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