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Parenting Is Tough For Kailyn


Kailyn Lowry's actions recently on "Teen Mom 2" have upset some fans with what they say is her lack of parenting skills.

Lopez Wants No Part Of This

Lowry's ex, Chris Lopez, objects to having their son, Lux, 2, appear on the reality show since the child is being recognized in public. Lopez' face is blurred out in scenes from the show.

Case Closed, For Now

In Tuesday's episode, Lowry seemed to address the matter, saying:

“Chris does not want the baby to be filmed, and he’s coming to get the baby and will bring the baby back when it’s done."

“I’m pretty sure it’s about people recognizing the baby out in public — it bothers him. I don’t know. It’s a battle I’m not choosing.”

But Lowry also says she would like all three of her kids to appear on the show, especially since Isaac, 9, and Lincoln, 5, have often been seen on "Teen Mom 2."

What Could Be the Implications?


So Lowry came up with a solution: If Lopez knows MTV is shooting, then she won't bring Lux to the set; if he doesn't know, then it's fair game.

This mode of thinking isn't cutting it for some.

"Nice coparenting," said @tkmtwit, while @krstimsu wanted to know about the legal side of things.

Either way, what would happen if Lopez finds all this out?

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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