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JWoww's Ex Roger Gets Heat Over Kids' 'Smoking' Halloween Costume

By Gary Trock

JWoww's ex-husband Roger Mathews just wanted to dress his kids up for Halloween but ended up getting burned by fans who thought their spooky accessories were over the line

Mathews debuted his and JWoww's children, Greyson and Meilani as famous T-Birds, Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson from "Grease."

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The former husband of the "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" star was also prepared for the backlash when he challenged fans to comment on the kids' fake cigs.

"Never was there a better Danny Zuko and Sandra D. Grease came to New Hope Railroad. Please comment on the fake cigarettes so I can block you. Please. They nailed the role and if you don’t get it you most certainly would never get us."


People immediately commented on the cigarettes, praising Mathews for the costumes but making it clear the smoking is not a good look for young ones.

"Much respect my friend but you could have done this without the cigarettes bro," one concerned fan wrote.


Mathews was locked and loaded with a response and decided to troll fans back about his parenting.

"They aren't cigarettes. It's a crack pipe with a cigarette wrapper around it so the cops don't notice. You owe us an apology."


Even though he was clearly joking, Mathews' fans thought he went too far and sounded off.

"Cigarettes!!! come on, ur a f----g dad, aren't u suppose to keep them away from cancer??" one fan exclaimed.

Another wrote, "Outfit on point but no to the ciggies."

A third person mentioned that Mathews had to expected the backlash, and wrote, "

"You had to know people were going to ride your ass about the fake cigarettes."

Giphy | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Mathews responded that he was completely oblivious to the issue and blamed the drama on other people's sensitive feelings.

"Nope didn’t even think about it then after a few comments I remembered how many p----s walk amongst us every day."

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