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Justin Timberlake Boogies Out of 70s Disco Lawsuit After Settlement

By TheBlast Staff

Justin Timberlake no longer has to worry about a lawsuit accusing him of ripping off a disco band, as the pop star has finally reached a deal to end the years-long legal battle.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Timberlake and a music company named PK Music Performance have agreed to resolve all claims against the singer. Per the deal, PK will dismiss all claims against Timberlake and the case will officially be closed.

The document states that PK can reopen the case "if the resolution is not consummated."

Back in 2016, PK Music Performance sued Timberlake, Will.i.Am and Sony Music accusing them of ripping off a song, “A New Day Is Here At Last.” The song was written by Perry Kibble, who was a part of the 70s disco band A Taste of Honey.

PK says they obtained the rights to the track following Kibble’s death in 1999.

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In the original lawsuit, PK accused Justin Timberlake of jacking the music and using it on his 2006 album, “Futuresex/Lovesounds.” The song was produced by Will.i.Am.

PK Music claimed the two songs had substantially similar parts, including the drum, conga drum, organ, bass guitar, electric guitar, and saxophone. They pointed to the rhythm, harmony, and melody claiming they were identical.

PK Music sued demanding an injunction against JT from continuing to profit off the alleged infringement and unspecified damages.

Timberlake denied he stole the music for his 2006 song, “Damn Girl” and demanded the lawsuit be thrown out.

Timberlake claimed his track was “independently created” and said any similarities are too generic to sue him over. He also claimed that any sample of the 70s song used was licensed through a man named Josh Davis, who represented that he was the sole owner of the rights.

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