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Justin Timberlake Takes The Girl Scout Cookie Challenge -- Which One Is The Best?!

By Mike Walters

Justin Timberlake is deciding one of the most important things that happens this time of year...which girl scout cookies to buy! Not only that, JT actually tastes them on video and you will never believe which one he thinks is the best!

First of all, we should point out that this is completely a subjective opinion and how each of us feel may differ from others around us. But, for some reason, Justin Timberlake's decision is making others question themselves.

So, which girl scout cookie is the best one of all time?

Which Girl Scout Cookie Does Timberlake Say Is The Best?

Thin Mints of COURSE!! Or is it Trefoils?

Well, Justin posted video on Instagram tonight of himself slowly eating a Samoa and his reaction to the taste is priceless! In the clip, you can tell that JT has just finished off his first cookie and decides to allow us to watch him polish off his second.

"Samoas vs Thin Mints... FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Double tap for DOUBLE SAMOAS. Comment for Thin Mints," he captioned the video.

Samoas?! Does America Agree?

Of course, tons of people did both of these things so that doesn't help make our decision. But, if you watch his reaction -- Samoas come out on top for the pop star. He starts by saying, "double somoa," which we are guessing is because he already had one...then he says, "this one is for the Girls Scouts of America we support you!"

But he can't hold back a giant "oooohhh" after tasting the sugary goodness and he says again, "do we support you!"

How right is Justin Timberlake you ask? Well, the Girl Scouts of America actually have the answer, and it's based on a nationwide survey they did in 2017.

See JT Take The Challenge, And Check Out The Top Cookies Nationwide!

Wikimedia |

According to the list, America's favorite Girl Scout Cookie is THIN MINTS!! Bottom line -- most can not wait each year to polish off a box of the chocolate-minty wonderfulness. The Girl Scouts' official website describes these ones as “round, mint-flavored cookies with a delicious chocolaty coating,” and the survey says they had the top score in 24 states and earned more individual votes than any other cookie.

Samoas came in second winning 18 states, followed by Peanut Butter Patties, and Do-Si-Dos. If you don't know what the last one is...go get a box!

Plus, it's for a good cause, so go buy some ASAP!

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