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Justin Bieber Gets Challenged to Fight With Ivan Drago Wannabe

By Chad Weiser

Justin Bieber may actually get a chance to get in the ring and fight ... it just won't be with Tom Cruise.

JB was leaving trendy restaurant, Craig's, Friday night in West Hollywood when he was approached by a guy dressed as the famed Ivan Drago character from "Rocky IV."

The shirtless challenger was looking for a fight -- and for attention -- by running up to the pop star and demanding he "fight a real guy ... a Russian guy!

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Justin clearly wanted nothing to do with the wannabe Ivan Drago, because on his way in to the restaurant he simply laughed off the attention seeker.

Bieber has been in the news lately after challenging Tom Cruise to an MMA style fight.

Now all of this tough guy stuff may be backfiring on the "What Do You Mean" singer cause he is getting un-wanted challenges from people outside of restaurants.

On the way out of dinner Bieber traded his laughs for somewhat of more stern look. Bieber rushed to his car and can bee seen starring the guy down clearly saying that he was not having what the guy was doing.

The Russian character was yelling in a very heavy accent "why you want to fight an old guy ... fight a Russian guy."


You may recall the man is the same Drago character who showed up to Logan Paul's home and challenged him to a fight.

Paul actually agreed to the fight and put it on his YouTube channel. He had no problems fighting the blonde haired Russian, knocking him out in a one sided fight.

The fake Ivan Drago will is an aspiring social media star and will clearly do anything for clout.

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