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Justin Bieber Viral Burrito Photo Was an Elaborate Prank

By TheBlast Staff

The viral photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways was real ... really well-staged by a group of guys who lied to several media outlets and duped everyone ... including us.

The photo made the rounds last week and showed, what appeared to be, the pop star at a park consuming a burrito like a deranged person. We at The Blast decided to do our due diligence and actually tracked down the person who posted the photo online in the first place, a guy named Conor.

Before speaking to Conor, we figured out the photo was not a repost and a Google reverse images search showed the photo had not been on the Internet until the day it was posted.

Once we got a hold of Conor, he claimed he was the guy who took the photo and was 100% certain it was Justin Bieber. He said the photo was taken on a Friday in a park in West Hollywood, which matched up with our research.

We posted the story based on the info Conor provided, but it turns out he lied and actually was part of a group called Yes Theory that staged the whole thing.

The group came clean with a video they posted on Sunday morning, showing how they put the elaborate prank together.

In the video, the guys show how they brought in a look-alike, flew him in from Canada, and dressed him up to look like Justin Bieber. Once they got the photo onto Reddit, it wasn't long before the media jumped on the story.

Conor ended it up doing interviews with sites like Vanity Fair, E!, Access Hollywood and yes, The Blast, spreading the false story.

Well done, gentleman. Well done.

Justin Bieber Burrito

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