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Jussie Smollett May Return For A Cameo During Empire's Final Season

Gettyimages | Nuccio DiNuzzo
By Ben Robinson III

This hasn't necessarily been a very good year for former 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett. After a series of legal woes, Smollett was subsequently fired from the hit television series 'Empire' where he portrayed middle son Jamal Lyon. During the show's run, Jamal Lyon was by far one of the more popular characters, catapulting Smollett's celebrity status into the sky. Now one of his co-stars is hinting at the fact that he may return before the series officially comes to an end.

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A Questionable Attack

Gettyimages | Nuccio DiNuzzo

Earlier this year the country was rocked to its core when it was reported that Smollett had allegedly been the victim of a heinous hate crime in Chicago this past January. As more details were revealed about the incident things began to unravel quickly as more and more evidence pointed to the fact that Smollett may have been involved in some capacity, which he continuously denied. The investigation around his alleged attack went on for months, calling into question the validity of his claims.

Gettyimages | FOX

Many celebrities and fans stuck by Smollett as he recounted the events of that cold early morning in Chicago, however soon afterwards pieces of his story began to not add up entirely leaving initial supporters scratching their heads and wondering if any of it was true. When all was said and done it was revealed that Smollett may have indeed orchestrated the attack himself. This did not go over well with the public and Smollett was charged with filing a false police report. Eventually the charges were dropped, but by that point the damage was already done. Lee Daniels, creator of Empire, fired Smollett and reported that he would no longer be on the series. But now it's being reported that he may make a cameo appearance.

According to Popculture during an interview with Andy Cohen on his popular series Watch What Happens Live Smollett's Empire co-star Vivica A. Fox was asked about the entire alleged attack situation and she was very candid with her response.

"He's family. He's always gonna be family. Love him to death, but there was just too much drama surrounding the circumstances," she said, then going on to say that "of course" she has stayed in touch with Smollett.

Fox went on to state that though there was a ton of drama surrounding Smollett at the time there may be a chance his fans and supporters will get to see him again as Jamal Lyon before the show ends its five year run.

She dropped the implication that Smollett could possibly return to the show, saying, "I love him. And who knows? Don't count him out. Y'all may see him." Cohen asked if she meant that he would turn up again "on Empire," to which Fox flashed a smirk, implying that she might know something others don't.

At this point it's merely speculation, but fans of the show might like to have some closure with Jamal's character before the series ends.

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