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Judy Haim Fires Back at Corey Feldman: Stop Using My Son for Your Own Career

By TheBlast Staff

The mother of the late actor Corey Haim has had enough of her name being dragged through the mud by Corey Feldman and wants to once and for all let him know that she's not on a campaign to destroy the actor.

The Blast spoke with Judy Haim shortly after Corey Feldman scored a victory in court when he obtained a longterm protective order against a woman who the actor believes is part of an organization called The Wolfpack, whose sole mission is to allegedly harass and ultimately harm him.

Feldman also believes that Judy is the main organizer of the group, and alleges it is a "cult" that formed to stop him from outing alleged sexual abusers in Hollywood, specifically one he believes abused Haim when he was a child actor.

Judy says it is ridiculous that Feldman keeps bringing her name back up, and says she is the one being harassed because of his "lies." She says she is absolutely not hindering the "Dream a Little Dream" actor from exposing anyone, and flat out says, "Go on already, expose whoever the hell you want!"

She believes Feldman's main motivation for trying to make himself appear a target is to keep himself "relevant" and "help his career." She is upset that he keeps bringing up her deceased son, and says that "He can't bring my son back from the dead, so I don't really care about anything else."

She also finds it odd that Feldman believes he was best friends with Haim, who died in 2010, because "they only did a few movies together." Judy says her son did tons of productions, and claims his relationship with Feldman was nothing special and purely professional.

As for "The Wolfpack" who is allegedly out to destroy Feldman, Judy says "There is no wolfpack," adding that the group he's referring to are just a collection of her son's fans and that "they are good people."

Judy is also planning on taking action against Feldman. She tells us she's already filed a police report for harassment near her home in Ontario, and is mulling over taking legal action against the star for harassment, slander and character assassination.

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