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Jordyn Woods Shares First Mommy/Daughter Strip Club Pic For Mom's Birthday

By Jeff Mazzeo

It's no secret that Jordyn Woods and her mom Elizabeth Woods are close but we had no idea that they are strip club close.

The 22-year-old influencer shared a special tribute for her mom's birthday on Tuesday and she revealed some details about their past that she admittingly shouldn't have shared. Jordyn's post featured several snaps of the mommy/daughter duo but the most interesting one was their first trip to the strip club.

Woods and her mom appeared to be having a great time in the club and they both had huge smiles on their faces. Jordyn held up a fat stack of ones to her ear while mom kept her wad of cash in her bra.

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They're Super Close


Ever since that whole not being Kylie Jenner's BFF thing went down, Jordyn has leaned on her mom for support in a big way. Not only is her mom her manager but she is the 22-year-old's biggest champion so it was important to share a moving bday tribute post.

"we do this thing called life really well together, from taking you to your first strip club to birds pooping on me in Dubai and accidentally flinging it on you😂 I probably should’ve kept those stories to myself... to being 25 forever! I love you forever @elizabethwoods 🥳🥰," Jordyn wrote in the caption of her post.

Elizabeth quickly replied, "Ok make me cry and laugh with this ❤️ love you!! Blessed and highly favored to do life with you."

She Gets It From Her Mama


Elizabeth always has her daughters back even when online trolls claim she is not authentic. Mama Woods came to her daughter's defense back in January to explain that she inherited her backside from her mother and it is all about the good genes. She shared several pictures as evidence that Jordyn's booty is all-natural and presented a very compelling case. One pic featured Jordyn's backside and another featured hers.

"@jordynwoods yes is my daughter which means she has my genetics. We have a** naturally! No one has gotten any butt lifts.. this is one of the craziest things that I keep reading..let’s focus on important things everyone and make a positive change ❤️," Elizabeth wrote in the caption of her post.

You can't make this stuff up!

Her Genes Are Strong


Mama Woods may have a point when it comes to good genes because her youngest daughter, Jodie looks exactly like Jordyn. While the whole family was coming back from a vacation in Dubai, the girls posted a snap where they look more like twins than just regular sisters.

"she does Jordyn better than Jordyn 🙄," Woods captioned the twining pic.

The proud mama shared the pic as well and commented, "Call me a printer @jordynwoods @jodiewoods ❤️#teamigotthis #daughters." Their mom's friends agreed with her and wrote, "Literally went Copy - paste."

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