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Jordyn Woods & Look-A-Like Sister Dance To Megan Thee Stallion's 'Captain Hook' For Pajama Dance Party

By Jeff Mazzeo

It really starts getting weird when look-a-like sisters do synchronized dance moves!

Jordyn Woods and her sister Jodie got down to Megan Thee Stallion's hit song, "Captain Hook" on Saturday. The nearly identical sisters enlisted the help of Jordyn's friend, Jade Pinkett to perform the viral TikTok dance. All the ladies looked comfy as they wore pajamas while chilling at home. Of course, they all had their faces beat even though they didn't leave the house.

"this ones for my sissss @theestallion ♥️ since I didn’t hit the savage challenge had to do the Captain Hook challenge 🤪," Jordyn captioned her sweet dance video.

Scroll down to see if they killed the challenge or not.

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'Match Our Fly'


Megan seemed to appreciate the girls doing the dance but she was a little uneasy about some of the moves.

"Lmao why Jodie eat y’all up like that 😂😂😂," Hot Girl Meg commented on Jordyn's post.

Jodie shared the same video to her feed and wrote, "have y’all done the captain hook challenge yettt? Match our fly and try it🖤✨ #captainhookchallenge @jordynwoods @chinkylilthang @theestallion this one for you!!!"

Woods' followers also seemed to be impressed with the cool video.

"Killed that," one wrote, while another said, "These kid’s make this sh-- look so effortless 😩."

Others joked that Woods' makeup was too good to not show off. "Jordyn said I will NOT waste this good make up look," a fan joked.

Slidin' With Drake


The girls didn't stop at just one viral dance (couldn't waste the good makeup), they also showed off their "Toosie Slide." Drake went ahead and created his own dance (sorry Shiggy) to his latest song and Jordyn was all about it.

"what y’all get to see Vs. what most of our tiktoks look like 😂," she captioned a video of the dance and one of their outtakes.

Sister, Sister


The resemblance is uncanny, especially when Jodie and Jordyn rock the same hairstyle. While the whole family was coming back from a vacation in Dubai last month, the girls posted a snap where they look more like twins than just regular sisters.

"she does Jordyn better than Jordyn 🙄," Woods captioned the twining pic.

Their proud mama shared the pic as well and commented, "Call me a printer @jordynwoods @jodiewoods ❤️#teamigotthis #daughters." Their mom's friends agreed with her and wrote, "Literally went Copy - paste."

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