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Johnny Manziel Ripped a Chilling Fart During Kevin Hart Interview

By TheBlast Staff

Johnny Manziel had a real gas while appearing on Kevin Hart's comedy interview show.

The Canadian Football star joined Hart for "Cold As Balls," where the comedian sits down for a 1-on-1 with famous athletes while sitting in an ice bath.

Hart was gearing up to say something monumental to Manziel about his time with the Cleveland Browns ... when the former QB had his own brown situation. Clearly Manziel forgot about the chemical properties of a large amount of gas when dispersed inside a liquid, because he was caught red handed.

The comedian stopped dead in his tracks and called Manziel out: "Did you fart?!" Manziel apologized and tried to move past the underwater explosion, but Hart refused to let up.

It's hilarious, and the first bomb that Manziel has successfully delivered in quite some time.

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