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Johnny Depp Backed Up By Female Crew Member Who Denies Actor Drunkenly Assaulted Man on Set

By Ryan Naumann

Johnny Depp is being backed up by a female crew member who denies the actor drunkenly got into a fight with another crew member on a film set.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Depp is asking a Los Angeles Court judge to reclassify the case filed by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks as a “limited civil case”. He wants the case moved to a lower court, saying any damages awarded should be less than $25,000.

The actor says the allegations in Brooks’ complaint could not result in damages greater than $25,000.

Depp does not believe punitive damages are warranted in this case. He points out Brooks failed to claim any medical expenses, and the actor continues to deny the alleged assault ever occurred.

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The Blast

He also points out that a script supervisor, Emma Danoff, on the set of the film gave a declaration “attesting to the fact that no physical altercation occurred between Mr. Depp and Mr. Brooks that night, and that she took multiple contemporaneous photographs that confirm her testimony and Mr. Depp’s account.

In her declaration, Danoff wrote that on the night of the alleged assault Depp was “meeting with homeless individuals who were on the street where the City of Lies filming was taking place … He gave them money and gifts.”

She claims to have worked with Depp that night and denies Brooks claims he was drunk.

Danoff even accuses Brooks of having an incident with a black homeless woman, claiming he “loudly and aggressively berated the woman with racial and derogatory slurs for being in his presence and in his way.

She says Depp “immediately stood up … went over to Brooks to stand up for the woman. Mr. Depp said to Mr. Brooks, “you can’t talk to her like that. You think she is something less than you.” She said the actor and Brooks exchanged words and Depp then sat down. Danoff denies Depp ever touched Brooks or told him to punch him.

Depp is using the declaration in support of his attempt to move the case to the lower court.

Earlier this year, Brooks sued Depp accusing him of punching him on set of the upcoming film ‘City of Lies’.

Brooks, who was a location manager, claimed he was trying to enforce permit restrictions on the set on April 13, 2017. They were filming the film about the deaths of Tupac and Biggie Smalls in Downtown Los Angeles

The location manager claimed they had a permit to shoot until 7pm outside and 10pm inside, and Brooks was able to get the permit extended multiple times to accommodate the actor who wanted to direct a longer version of a scene, but could not get any more extension.

He then told the director the shooting would have to halt production, and the director allegedly told Brooks “Why don’t you tell that to Johnny Depp?”

Brooks went to get a on-set police officer to help him tell Depp, but before he could Depp approached him yelling “who the fuck are you? you have no right to tell me what to do!”

He tried to explain the situation but then Depp allegedly punched him twice in the lower side of his rib cage. Depp is accused of yelling, “I will give you $100,000 to punch me in the face right now!”

Brooks claimed Depp’s breath smelled of alcohol and said the actors bodyguards had to intervene to stop the situation. He was fired from the film three days later when he refused to sign a release over the incident.


Depp has fired back at the lawsuit demanding it be tossed out of court.

The actor denies all allegations of wrongdoing in the lawsuit and says his alleged actions were done in self-defense.

He accuses Brooks of willfully and maliciously acting out and conducting his activities in a way that made him fear for his safety on set. Further, he claims Brooks did not comply with the directions of his employer and as a result is demanding the entire case be dismissed.

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