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Johnny Depp Wrote Messages To Amber Heard In Blood & Paint With Partially Severed Finger (Photos)

By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp allegedly used his partially severed finger to write messages in blood and black paint to his ex-wife Amber Heard, on a home they were staying in, after a blow-out argument where he claims she cut his hand with a vodka bottle.

According to multiple reports, photographs from the incident and details of the ordeal were presenting during the third day of the 'Pirates of The Caribbean' star' libel trial in the UK.

At the time, the couple was staying in Austrailia in March of 2015, while Depp filmed 'Pirates' 5 -- and is accused of doing $75,000 in damage to a rented home near the set.

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See Pictures Of The Bloody Messages!

Evening Standard

During the vicious argument, Depp claims Heard threw a vodka bottle at him in a violent rage slicing off the top of his finger and exposing the bone. Johnny then allegedly dipped his bloody finger in black paint and wrote "I love you" on a mirror with the injured limb, and other messages.

Amber Heard claims she was 'scared for her life" and called the incident a "three-day ordeal of physical assault," and was forced to barricade herself in a room at one point after Depp allegedly tore off her nightgown, shoved her into a ping-pong table and choked her against a fridge.

Lawyers for the UK tabloid, which Deep is suing, told the court the actor was “completely off [his] head on drink and drugs,” at the time. Amber claims the incident left her with injuries including, “including a broken lip, swollen nose, and cuts all over her body.”

She also says it was Depp who “smashed bottle after bottle.”

Johnny Depp Allegedly Wrote Messages Using His Bloody Finger Tip & Black Paint

Evening Standard

Johnny Depp "vehemently" denied the assault on Amber, calling it 'pedestrian fiction' -- but, admitted the couple had a nasty argument about Heard's refusal to sign a postnuptial agreement.

The lawyer questioning Depp during the trial, claimed it had nothing to do with the postnup and said the argument had to do with Amber's possible affair with actor Billy Bob Thornton.

To make the point, the court was shown photos of the bloody messages which included one saying, "Starring Billy Bob, Easy Amber."

Johnny Depp was taken to a local hospital where he underwent surgery on the sliced up finger, and a photograph was taken of the actor while laying in the bed with sunglasses on and a bandage over the finger.

'Pirates' Star Hospitalized Following Incident With Severed Finger

The Blast

The 'Pirates' star admitted to writing the messages and explained, “For me at the time, it was the end and it was the end end. I was convinced it was not going to get any better and worse meant death."

He continued, “This is a message to her – good luck and be careful…in reference to her ambition to be a big star.”

As for why using a bloody injured finger to write messages on the wall, Depp responded, “When I realized that the tip of my finger was missing, pouring blood profusely, the tip of the bone sticking out, I believe I went into some kind of breakdown, some species of a nervous breakdown. It was the end, I couldn’t live."

Amber Heard Claims The Incident Was Three Day Ordeal Of Physical Assault

The Blast

He added, “I don’t remember exactly how long it took me but it wasn’t a long and drawn-out process. It wasn’t long before security was notified and help arrived.”

In court, the lawyer claimed when Amber finally entered the room the actor said, “Look what you made me do. Is this good enough for you, this is what a f---ing idiot I am for loving you.”

In the end, Depp called the assault claims during the argument "fabricated and vicious."

As we reported, Depp is currently on his third day of trial in a libel case where he is suing a UK tabloid for calling him a wife-beater. It is expected to last for three weeks.

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