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Amber Heard's Mom Texted Johnny Depp "I Love You, Son" After Alleged Domestic Violence

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By Mike Walters

Amber Heard's parents tried to tell Johnny Depp that the restraining order filed by their famous daughter after the fight between the two stars was not something she did "willingly or happily," and even said to him "I love you, son."

The Blast obtained new text messages between the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star and the "Aquaman" star's parents, David and Paige. The messages are now evidence in the ongoing legal battle between Depp and Heard and show that both of her parents claimed it was the lawyers who deemed it necessary to file the legal documents. In one message, Paige Heard attempts to explain to Depp that it was her daughter's only choice to get protection from being evicted from the couple's luxury apartment after the fight.

Mrs Heard: "She DID NOT Want To Do This"

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As we reported, both Heard's parents were texting with Johnny Depp on May 27, 2016, in the hours following the star filing for a restraining order and including photos of her face in what she claimed were injuries inflicted by her then-husband.

At 7:59 PM Paige Heard sent Depp the following text:

"It's the lawyers on both sides doing this not Amber. I heard the whole story very teary - if I could just talk to Johnny. She didn't want this. Friggin lawyers on BOTH sides!! This was not her idea, not her wishes. She was told she would be evicted and out in 30days if she did not do this."

At 8:03 PM, she continued:

"Her dumb lawyer possibly as the only way she would have a place to live in 30 days. She DID NOT want to do this I swear to you. The lawyers are frigging things up."

Depp responded to his then-wife's mother that the injury photos were doctored, and claimed to be in shock that she had portrayed him in court as a violent wife-beater.

Depp Says "I Do Not Deserve This"

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At 8:40 PM Depp responded to Paige Heard:

"if she didn’t want to file a restraining order against me and send a message to the world that i am some kind of violent wife beater ...then why would she go to the courthouse with a photo of her that looks like she’s been abused??? this is my life too, what are my children and my children’s friends supposed to think??? I do not deserve this, and they do not deserve this... especially not from her."

As they continued their conversation, Heard's mother reiterated she filed the case ONLY because she was told it was the only way she wouldn't get kicked out of the apartment. She also was adamant that her daughter did not file it willingly.

I Love You, Son...


At 8:47 PM Paige Heard texted Depp:

Her lawyer told her she had to and she had to today. That's why she wanted to talk to you. We didn't talk so please never bring this up. But I'll swear to you this was not her idea nor did she do it willingly or happily. She was told it was her ONLY option to not being kicked out. I'm not making excuses but that is what she believed. She did not want to do it. She felt she was betraying her only love but the lawyers said so."

Shockingly, after hearing the details of the alleged altercation between her daughter and Depp, Heard's mother ended the message exchange by telling him, "Please don't pass this on if you ever talk to Amber again. I love you, son."

As we first reported, the same night Depp was also texting with Amber's father David Heard, and he agreed with his wife about the reason for the going public with a restraining order and abuse allegations.

Mr. Heard: "She Would Have No Place To Live"

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In a text message, Johnny Depp texted Mr. Heard enraged at the allegations he had just been accused of, saying, "Amber is calling this domestic violence!!! she submits a picture that says i threw the phone at her!!! she is putting herself in deep trouble if she continues to perjure herself... I have done nothing to deserve this!!! this is so f***ing sick."

He continued, "i have 2 witnesses who were in the room when she said that i flung the phone at her. ABSOLUTE F***ING LIE!!! she wants a divorce, she get’s it. but the world will receive the truth and if she is caught perjuring herself (which she will)."

David Heard responded to Johnny Depp at 7:53 PM:

The lawyer told her she had to or she would have no place to live in 30 days."

Johnny Depp responded to David Heard at 7:59 PM:


Johnny Depp went on to tell Amber's dad he was still wearing his wedding ring and was still in love with Heard.

Depp continued:

"dude, my f***ing wedding ring is still on me!!! i has not taken it off, because i love her... it is coming off now. what a fucking knife to the back, i’m so disappointed and so hurt... it’s just too much... x... later, brother...feel better!!! Jd"

The text messages have become an important part of the ongoing legal battles between the ex-couple after Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit for defamation against Amber claiming the allegations are a "hoax." Depp's legal team believes part of her motive was financial.

Depp's Lawyer: This Is Stunning New Evidence

Getty/The Blast

Depp's attorney Adam Waldman tells The Blast, "Amber Heard's own parents acknowledged in writing that extortion, not abuse, was the true motive of Heard's hoax against Johnny Depp. According to multiple newly discovered text exchanges between Heard's mother, father and Mr. Depp written the very day the previously arrested and incarcerated domestic abuser Heard was trailed by paparazzi into court with painted on bruises and obtained her temporary restraining order in 2016. "Her dumb lawyer" made her do it, Heard's parents profoundly wrote to Depp on May 27, 2016. According to the parents' texts, the motive behind her hoax was simply not to be thrown out of Mr. Depp's penthouses in 30 days: "It was her only option to not being kicked out," Heard's mom wrote to Mr. Depp."

He continued, "This stunning new evidence also brings into better focus the motives of Ms. Heard’s perjurious co-conspirators who all claimed seeing mythical bruises the week of May 21, 2016, that 4 police officers, 33 sworn eyewitnesses, 87 surveillance tapes, and evidence that keeps on coming all prove to be an unambiguous lie. Ms. Heard's freeloading co-conspirators ALL had keys and ALL lived rent-free in those same Johnny Depp penthouses Amber Heard's parents said her "friggin lawyers" warned her she would lose."

Amber's Lawyer: Texts Don't Exonerate Mr. Depp

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In response to the text messages, Amber's lawyer Roberta Kaplan told The Blast, “Less than a week ago, the Court made clear its concern about the parties trying to litigate this case in the press. Given those concerns, we are astonished that Mr. Depp’s lawyers once again leaked documents to The Blast involving Ms. Heard’s elderly parents that Mr. Depp’s lawyers claim somehow exonerate Mr. Depp, particularly when they have not even been produced to us in discovery. Mindful of the Court’s comments, we look forward to litigating (and winning) this case with admissible evidence and sworn testimony in court, not in the media.”

The defamation case has a hearing today, to hear Amber's motion to dismiss the case. If it is not dismissed, the case will go to trial later this year.

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