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Johnny Depp Accuses Amber Heard Of Telling 'Porky Pies' About Him -- A Slang Term For 'Lies'

By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard of telling 'porky pies' about him to a psychiatrist and claimed she told lies to a medical professional that he was 'threatened' by her career, and a film she made with James Franco let to a 'binge' that landed him in the hospital.

According to reports, the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star was under intense questioning regarding about 'detox trip' the couple took to the Bahamas in 2014, where Heard claimed he attacked her.

As you know, Depp is suing a UK tabloid over an article labeling him a 'wife-beater' something he says is "defamatory allegations of the utmost seriousness."

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See The Alleged Medical Notes Written By Johnny & Amber's Doctor


During today's hearing, a lawyer for the media outlet told the court that Mr Depp's private doctor, Dr David Kipper, had also started treating Amber Heard for anxiety and referred her to another physician Dr Connell Cowan.

The lawyer claimed Dr. Cown wrote in a medical note, "JD (Johnny Depp) is very threatened by career, particularly any kind of romantic scenes she has to do. (referring to Amber)

He continued, “Her movie with JF (James Franco) precipitated a binge that put JD in the hospital. Everyone around J seems to be intimidated by his power and money. No one stands up to him.”

Depp: 'I Think She Was Telling Porky Pies With Her Psychiatrist'


The lawyer asked Depp if there is a reason why Amber Heard would have said this to a doctor unless it was true, Johnny replied, “I believe it had a benefit to her motivation.”

He added, "I think she was telling porky pies with her psychiatrist."

The attorney for the outlet also read other medical notes by Dr Kipper during the hearing which claimed Johnny Depp, "romanticises the entire drug culture and has no accountability for his behaviour," and wrote that JD had paid only "lip service" to celebrities like Elton John "more for their celebrity than their struggle with sobriety."

Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Assaulted Her On A Bahamas 'Detox' Trip


One of Amber Heard's alleged 14 instances of domestic violence, includes an incident during this same 'detox' trip in 2014, where she claims the actor assaulted her while in the Bahamas.

Johnny Depp was asked if he 'hit or pushed' Amber during the trip, to which he responded, "I didn't push Ms Heard or attack her in any way, as certainly I was not in any condition to do so."

He added, he "was in no physical condition to push anyone."

At one point, text messages were submitted between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's mother, that the actor allegedly sent during the same Bahamas 'detox trip.'

See The Alleged Text Messages Between Johnny Depp & Amber's Mother


In one text, Mr Depp texted “your daughter has risen far above the nightmarish task of taking care of this poor old junkie”.

Adding, “My words are truly feeble in attempting to explain her heroism in a text – suffice to say that I have never met or loved a woman or a thing more.”

“Thank you so much for getting me f****** clean baby," one text read apparently sent from Johnny to Amber at the time.

As we reported, the trial is set to last three weeks and has already seen tons of explosive testimony from Johnny Depp, and Heard and other celebrities are set to take the stand in the coming days.

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