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Johnny Depp Says He Decided To Divorce Amber Heard After She Allegedly POOPED In Their Bed

By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp claims he decided to divorce Amber Heard after the actress allegedly pooped in the couple's bed calling it the last straw in their deteriorating marriage.

The 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star took the stand today in the long-awaited UK trial, where the actor is suing a tabloid for calling him a wife-beater.

In court, Depp took the stand and made a host of explosive allegations against his ex-wife -- including the claim that the 'Aquaman' star pooped in the couple's bed and says she dismissed it as a harmless prank.

The actor did admit it was either Heard or 'possibly one of her friends' that was responsible for the incident but claimed she said it was a 'harmless' thing.

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Johnny Depp Said The Feces 'Prank' Was The Final Straw In Their Marriage


According to multiple reports, Johnny said in open court it was the final straw in their 'deteriorating marriage' and started a series of events that led to Amber filing for divorce and domestic violence restraining order.

We're told the feces left in the bed was actually found by the actor's housekeeper who not only stumbled upon it, but actually photographed it and sent the pictures to Johnny Depp's team.

“I understand that the following morning [after the party], Ms Heard (or possibly one of her friends) defecated in our shared bed,” Depp said.

He continued, “Ms. Heard confessed to our estate manager, Kevin Murphy, that leaving the feces in the bed had been ‘just a harmless prank,’ thereby effectively acknowledging that she had been responsible, whereas she had previously sought to blame our dogs."

At the time, Amber blamed the incident on the couple's small dog, but Johnny's lawyers at the time pointed out that the feces was so large it couldn't have come from such a small animal.

'Pirates' Star Called Ex-Wife 'Calculating, Narcissistic Sociopath'


On the stand, Johnny Depp claimed he was not abusive towards his wife Amber Heard and said, "It is a strong and central part of my moral code that I would never strike a woman, under any circumstances, at any time. I find it simply inconceivable and it would never happen."

He also cited his southern upbringing saying it was 'inconceivable' that he would ever hit a woman, and he considers chivalry 'very important.'

After defending himself, Depp went on the offensive calling his ex-wife a 'calculating, narcissistic, sociopath' -- in a witness statement -- who only married him to further her career.

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Face Off In UK Court Over Alleged Abuse

The Blast

Johnny's defense team rattled off several incidents where they claim Amber was the aggressive and abusive one in the relationship, including an incident where he claims she threw a vodka bottle -- cutting off the top of his finger -- and landing him in the hospital. His team also recalled a 2014 incident where she allegedly punched him in the face several times while on a private jet.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arrived at a UK courtroom for the start of a several day long trial in the case where the actor is suing a tabloid for labeling him a 'wife-beater.' As you know, each side will be relying on testimony from Depp and Heard to make their respective cases.

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