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Johnny Depp Accused By Amber Heard Of 24-Hour Cocaine & Booze Bender With Marilyn Manson

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By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp was accused by ex-wife Amber Heard of going on a 24-hour cocaine and alcohol binge with rock-star Marilyn Manson...this according to text message read in open court.

According to multiple reports, Amber Heard allegedly texted Johnny Depp's sister in February of 2014 that the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' actor was on a coke-fueled bender with Manson -- and it started after dropping his daughter off to school.

“He went to drop Lily-Rose off this morning and hasn’t been back since,” Heard's text read. A lawyer for the UK outlet, Depp is suing, read the next text saying Amber was “frantic with worry."

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Amber Heard Claimed Johnny Depp Was On 'Bender' With Marilyn Manson

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At the time, Amber claimed Johnny had stormed out of the house with Manson after the couple had an argument. The text messages followed.

“JD is on a bender with Manson,” Heard allegedly wrote in messages.

She added, "Once again I don't know what to do. He's gonna hurt himself and take us as a couple down with him. 'I think he's at Marilyn's now continuing the rage and coke booze binge. Can you help? We have no reason to fight. He just aims all his anger at me when he's on it. Don't know what to do."

Johnny Depp Denied He And The Rocker Were High On Drugs


Johnny Depp denied the allegations in court and said Amber Heard may have assumed he was partying but it simply isn't the case. He did admit that he and the famous rock star took his daughter to school that day, but it is a 'mystery' why she thought he was using illegal substances at the time.

During the testimony, Johnny did admit to doing drugs with Marilyn Manson on a few occasions but said each and every time it was before he was with Amber Heard.

"Doing a line of cocaine with Manson was, I believe it was before Ms. Heard and I were fully involved, let's say," Depp said.

He added, "She's speculating that I'm on a binge with Manson for more than 24 hours. Manson and I did in fact take my daughter to school."

'Pirates' Star Claimed Heard Was Just Worried He Was Cheating On Her


The point of reading the text messages in court, according to the outlet's attorney, was to confront Depp -- telling him, "when this syndrome arose, that is to say, arguments about drug-taking followed by you going on a binge, when the whole thing was over, when the whole explosion was over you would just disappear and go away from her."

The 'Pirates' star responded, "There was a time when I said I'm going to stay in a hotel room. 'She would indeed get quite frantic with worry and she would indeed get jealous that I was out cheating on her."

Amber Heard Provided Photos Of Depp's Alleged Cocaine Use


As for Depp's sister, he was asked if she ever worried about him partying so hard, to which he replied, "My sister Christi has over many, many years since my youth had a number of worries about my consumption growing up and yes, she talked to me many times over the course of my life. We did speak about it."

The explosive testimony came on the second day of Depp's libel case against a UK tabloid, and the case is scheduled to last three weeks.

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