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Amber Heard Appears In Virginia Court To Battle Johnny Depp, Her Personal Diary Ordered Sealed

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By Mike Walters

Amber Heard made a surprise appearance in a Virginia courtroom for a hearing in the defamation lawsuit filed by her ex-husband Johnny Depp. But the 'Pirates' actor is claiming victory after the judge allowed a majority of the information in the case to remain public.

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We're told Amber arrived with her new attorney in the case, Roberta Kaplan, and joined the legal team for the duration of the hearing.

The actress made the appearance to convince a judge in the case, to agree to order information and witness questioning gathered in the lawsuit to be kept private away from the public and media.

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Amber filed a documents claiming Depp and his legal team could used the details to trying "demonize" her through the media. She also argued that the questioning would disrupt the lives of her family and friends.

She also asked for the court to keep medical information, banking information and personal items kept sealed in the case.

Heard was introduced to the judge in the case by her attorney, and sources inside the courtroom tell us she was wearing a white top and black pants. Our sources say she was stoic and emotionless during the proceedings.

The Blast

Amber's attorney made the argument, Johnny had objected to producing medical records and information in other legal cases on privacy concerns.

But, according to the order obtained by The Blast, the judge didn't go for it, and only granted part of what Heard's team was asking to kept confidential.

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"A protective order shall be entered consisting only 1) personal identifying information e.g. contact information, social security numbers, addresses, etc. 2) Medical Records 3) Personal Diaries 4)Redacting of identifying financial records to exclude both account numbers etc.," the order states.

The order will apply to both Amber and Johnny.

Its unclear, exactly what Johnny Depp was hoping to gather from Amber Heard's personal diary.

We're told Amber's team has now cancelled scheduled depositions in the case, seemingly to figure out their next move.

Johnny Depp's team is considering this a major win, in what it seems is going to be a long and arduous case.

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Depp's attorney Adam Waldman said in statement following the decision, "Amber Heard hired Harvey Weinstein’s abuse-specializing #Timesup lawyer Roberta Kaplan. Knowing it was a hail mary, today Amber Heard appeared herself in Virginia court to watch her new lawyer’s lose her attempt to hide all the evidence of Heard’s abuse hoax from the public. Chief Judge White rejected Kaplan’s arguments, and ruled that only medical records, personal information like social security numbers, and Ms. Heard’s personal diary (which oddly was not turned over during divorce discovery 3 years ago) will be sealed. Realizing the evidence including eyewitness testimony will all now be public, Kaplan immediately cancelled all her scheduled depositions of eyewitnesses. Amber Heard’s deposition is September 27, unless she tries to run from it."

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The depositions were a sticking point for Amber Heard's earlier request after they believe the questioning, and the answers would be made public.

Depp filed a lawsuit against Heard for defamation after she wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post about domestic abuse. He and asking for damages over $50,000,000. They're due to face off in trial this February.

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