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Johnny Depp Says Surveillance Footage Proves Amber Heard Had No Injuries to Face After Fight

By TheBlast Staff

Johnny Depp says he has the smoking gun that proves that Amber Heard lied about being abused by the star, claiming multiple videos of Heard, after the alleged fight between the two, appear to show the actress' face uninjured.

The Blast obtained several videos taken from elevator surveillance cameras in the former couple's residential building 3 days after the alleged fight where Heard claimed Depp hit her in the face and thrashed their apartment.

The videos were recorded May 24, and show Heard, her sister Whitney and a friend entering and exiting the elevator multiple times.

Depp's legal team strongly believes Heard's face in the video shows no evidence of a physical altercation, even though "she and her two friends claimed in picturesque detail that Johnny Depp smashed Ms. Heard's face and 'destroyed' his own penthouse."

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star's attorney, Adam Waldman, tells us, "Ms. Heard famously appeared in Court 6 days later with a battered-appearing face, seeking divorce and a temporary restraining order against Mr. Depp."

Amber Heard alleged injuries

We're told 87 surveillance videos were taken of Heard between May 21 - 26, and she interacted with multiple employees of the apartment building, who testified that they did not see any injuries on her face.

Waldman also points out that several building employees testified that they had interacted with Heard after the fight and didn't see injuries.

Concierge, Trinity Esparza:

Q: On this Wednesday, May 25, did she have any visible marks on her face?
A: No.
Q: Approximately how far from her in this video were you when she was handing you the key?
A: We were very close - arms length
Q: We have a frontal shot of Miss Heard’s face in this video. Is that consistent with how she looked when she came up to the desk to give you the key?
A: Yes
Q: In this video, are there any marks on Miss Herd’s face that are visible? Is there any indication that she’s been struck in her head by a person or an object?
A: No

Esparza then testified that she did in fact see Amber later in the week before she appeared in court, and claims the actress did have visible injuries on the second encounter. Esparza said she was confused by seeing injuries on Amber after first noticing none, so she went back to the surveillance tape and confirmed she did not see them during the first run-in.

Q: Did you see her again on Friday, May 27th?
A: Yes.
Q: At that point in time, did she have any injuries to her body?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you describe what those injuries looked like?
A: Yes. She had a red cut underneath her right eye and red marks by her eye.
Q: What prompted you to go back and review security footage on Friday, May 27, 2016?
A: The mark on her face.
Q: Why did the mark on her face prompt you to go back and look at security footage?
A: Because of the allegations.
Q: What about the allegations made you want to go back and look at security footage?
A: Because it didn’t – – the time didn’t add up and so I was questioning it.
Q: Why were you questioning the mark on her face in the allegations that were made?
A: Because I saw her several times and I didn’t see that on her face.
Q: And so what were you thinking about that?
A: That the allegations were false.
Q: When you went back and looked at security footage 10 to 15 times, did that change your belief that the allegations were false?
A: No.
Q: When you look at the security footage 10 or 15 times what did you do that then think about Miss Heard’s allegation that she been assaulted by Mr. Depp?
A: it was false.

Alleged Amber Heard Damage
The Blast

Waldman claims Heard then spoke to several employees from the building and "asked them to lie to a media outlet on her behalf and assert that she appeared injured." He claims they refused to testify, "because they knew it was a hoax."

General Manager of the building, Brandon Patterson, stated in a declaration:

"Ms. Heard directly requested in 2016 that I and one of my colleagues make a statement to her 'sources' at (media outlet) … On June 9, 2016, over two weeks after she publicly accused Mr. Depp of physical assault, Ms. Heard came to my office to meet with Ms. Esparza and me in person. Ms. Heard at that tine presented with a visible cut, and injury to her face, around her cheek and eye. In that meeting, Ms. Heard asked me, while Ms. Esparza was present, to talk to her source at (media outlet), to deny that building staff had made statements disputing Ms. Heard’s abuse allegations. At that time, there apparently had been statements reported in the media that suggested that Ms. Heard had been seen by people working in the Eastern Columbia Building without any injuries.

As we reported, the two stars are duking it out in court after Depp filed a multi-million dollar defamation suit against his ex-wife.

Heard has responded to the filing and included her deposition testimony, which included an emotional recant of the alleged brutal assault that occurred by Depp. She also claims the actor tried to kill her baby sister, and admits to striking him while trying to save her sibling's life.

We're told the elevator surveillance video is a key piece of evidence that Depp's legal team is planning on using in their attempt to clear Depp's name and prove that Heard was allegedly the abuser in the relationship.


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