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Amber Heard Worried She Will Be 'Demonized' In Johnny Depp Lawsuit, Wants Details Kept Private

By Mike Walters

Amber Heard wants details of her ongoing lawsuit with Johnny Depp to be kept private, and claims the information could cause significant damage to her family and friends.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Amber wants the court to issue a protective order in the case, outlining the information and documents that will remain private in the case.

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Amber explains, through her attorneys, "this is a case between two high-profile public figures."

The documents state that Depp has called into question, "various allegations that he abused Ms. Heard during their brief, volatile, and highly publicized marriage."

As we reported Depp claims Amber's domestic violence story is a "hoax," and he was never abusive towards her. In fact, he claims she was the violent one in the marriage.


Amber takes issue with his position and believes it may allow for intimate details of their marriage to be made public.

"In light of Mr. Depp's theory of the case, discovery may require the exchange of personal documents and details of the utmost sensitivity and intimacy, for the parties personal contact information and medical records to conversations with their closet confidants about incidents of violence and abuse, not to mention a number of traumatic images." the documents state.

It continues, "given the the subject matter, a broad universe of friends, family, and staff are implicated," and may "inflict significant collateral damage on family members, friends, romantic partners, guards, assistants, coaches, doctors, nurses and many others."


Amber also claims Johnny previously agreed to keep details of there issues secret, only to change his mind while, "gratuitously prying open (and exposing) the most intimate details of Ms. Heard's life based solely on an egregious misreading of her op-ed."

The Blast

As we reported, Amber wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, calling Johnny a wife beater, and Depp sued Heard claiming he is innocent, so the article was defamatory.

There are also a number of video and photographs in the case that will be entered into the court as evidence on both sides.

Amber thinks if these items are not protected, sensitive information, like her medical records, could be at risk.


She believes the information could be used to, "publicize the most sensitive and intimate details of the lives of two film stars: security footage from their marital residences, medical records, personal notes and photographs, and many other materials illuminating a dysfunctional marriage in which Mr. Depp was repeatedly abusive and violent."

It is clear from the filing Amber believes the information and items could be used as ammunition against her and believes if Depp is successful, it could "turn witnesses into cannon fodder as Mr. Depp seeks to demonize Ms. Heard in the press."


Heard's attorney's also included a draft of the protective order, which gives guidelines that would classify some information as for "attorney's eyes only," which would limit the ability for anyone involved to publicly discuss or disseminate information having to do with anything falling under the umbrella of protection.

Depp is suing for defamation and asking for damages over $50,000,000. They're due to face off in trial next February.

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