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Johnny Depp Assault Lawsuit: Keep Amber Heard's Name Out Of It!

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By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp does not want his ongoing lawsuit with Gregg “Rocky” Brooks to be filled with arguments of alleged violence against Amber Heard. In fact, he says he never touched Amber, so why would it be used against him in totally different case.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Depp is asking the court to not allow Brook's legal team to drag Amber Heard and her allegations against the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor into this lawsuit.

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"Stubbornly pursuing a claim against Mr. Depp for an assault which did not occur, and for damages which do not exist," the documents state.

Depp's team then explains the "strategy" is now clear, drag Amber Heard and Johnny's alleged drug and alcohol use into the case.

Johnny claims the goal of Brook's lawyers is to, "turn the trial in this action into a sideshow of salacious and irrelevant allegations regarding alleged past drug use by Mr. Depp, as well as salacious hearsay evidence focused on the widely publicized disputes between Mr. Depp and his former wife, Amber Laura Heard."

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The "intention of smearing Mr. Depp under the guise of presenting evidence of Mr. Depp's imagined "propensity" for violence, by referencing wholly unrelated and false allegations of prior misconduct involving Ms. Heard," should not be allowed says Depp in the filing.

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In fact, Johnny's lawyer Adam Waldman believes Brooks is actually working with Amber Heard's team on this case telling us, "Yesterday we filed a motion seeking to block Rocky Brooks’ attempts to introduce irrelevant attempted character smear in his punching hoax case against Johnny Depp. Brooks’ counsel admitted they are “working with Amber Heard’s counsel Eric George,” although Ms. Heard’s hoax is unrelated to Mr. Brooks'.

He continued, "None of the hoaxes or smears attempted against Johnny Depp - not Rocky Brooks', nor Amber Heard's, nor the DOJ-targeted business manager Joel Mandel's, nor Jake Bloom’s — is supported by factual evidence. To the contrary, each of these fantasies have already been obliterated by the hard reality of legal evidence – whether by a huge chorus of sworn, unrelated eyewitness testimony, contemporaneous time– and date– stamped photographs, surveillance video tape, bank records or admissions from the perpetrators themselves under oath — that exposes the grotesque falsehoods underpinning their PR strategy. Instead they hold hands together, and manufacture character assassination as the next best thing."

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Depp's team concludes, "Multiple eyewitnesses (in addition to Mr. Depp) will testify that Mr. Depp never touched Mr. Brooks during the incident. Mr. Depp did verbally reprimand Mr. Brooks for his misbehavior on the set of the filming of City of Lies, and the reprimand was well warranted. "

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In his lawsuit, Gregg “Rocky” Brooks accused Johnny Depp of punching him on the set of the film.

Brooks, who was a location manager, claimed he was trying to enforce permit restrictions on the set on April 13, 2017. The manager, and Depp argued and a physical fight ensued.

He alleges when he tried to explain the situation to the actor, Depp allegedly punched him twice in the rib cage. Brooke's claims Depp yelled at him, “I will give you $100,000 to punch me in the face right now!”

Brooks claims Depp’s breath smelled of alcohol during the incident.

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