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Johnny Depp’s Alleged Cocaine-Fueled Party Pictures Exposed By Amber Heard-- See The Shocking Photos!!

The Evening Standard
By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp allegedly had cocaine, whiskey, and pillbox loaded up inside of his home before an argument with his ex Amber Heard -- and the actress took photos of the scene which have now been revealed in the trial.

According to reports, the photos surfaced during day two of Johnny Depp's libel trial against a UK tabloid for calling the actor a 'wife-beater' -- something he strenuously denies.

In the shocking photos, Amber Heard allegedly documented several instances where drugs were located in Johnny Depp's home. In one picture, taken at their L.A. home in 2013 -- shows four lines of cocaine, a glass filled with whiskey, and a pill-box decorated with a skull and crossbones emblazoned with 'Property of J.D.'

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See The Shocking Drug Use Photos!!

The Evening Standard

In another picture, two more lines of cocaine are lined up on a table, including a black American Express card laying next to them, which is too blurry to read.

In both photos, it appears there is a tube sitting near the cocaine which is used for inhaling the power.

Amber Heard allegedly took the photographs to prove her allegations that Depp was drug-fueled and drunk which led to a violent outburst by the 'Pirates' star.

A picture was also submitted showing Johnny Depp passed out on the floor beside his bed, which was allegedly from the same afternoon where he was supposed to be filing a documentary about Keith Richards. In one of the photos, you can see a DVD sitting on the table which says the famous musician's name on it.

Photo: Johnny Depp Allegedly Passed Out On Bedroom Floor

The Evening Standard

The shocking revelation came on the day after Depp admitted to using drugs like cocaine and ecstasy, and partying with famous people like Marilyn Manson and 'Avengers' star Paul Bettany.

But, Depp has been adamant, he has NEVER hit Amber Heard or been violent towards her even when he was using drugs or alcohol. The 'Pirates' star described using drugs at a young age after experiencing a tough childhood.

In today's hearing, the court heard an email Amber Heard wrote to Deep which she never sent -- saying, the actor had hurt her both 'physically and emotionally.'

Cocaine, Whiskey, And Pill Box Allegedly Sitting On 'Pirates' Star's Table

The Evening Standard

“It’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Half of you, I love. Madly. The other half scares me. I can’t take him. I wish I could, but I can’t. The problem is, I never really know/understand which one I’m dealing with until it’s too late," the email reads.

It continues, “The drinking assures me that I am dealing with the monster. The abused scared insecure violent little boy. I just can’t tell where the line starts."

In the message, Amber describes a horrible scene where Depp has partying to the point of passing out and being sick.

“I watch yesterday as everyone around you picked you up off the floor, held you up. Got you on with your life. Prevented you from really falling. With so much help, of course you can’t know how much this hurts you and your life," it says.

Amber Heard Submits Photos Of Bruises From Alleged Abuse

The Evening Standard

It continues, “Because you pay people around you to prevent your feet from having to hit the rock bottom, as they say. Yesterday, I saw you pass out, amongst vomiting, three times."

Amber's message ends by connecting the drug and alcohol use with her allegations of domestic violence. “You have hit me repeated. Something you should Never have done. What a f---man you are, And NONE of this would be possible without the booze and drugs. NONE.”

As we reported, Johnny Depp has denied being abusive towards Amber Heard and called the entire thing a 'Hoax.'

Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Is Also A Cocaine User, Denies Abuse

The Evening Standard

As for the email, Depp responded, “From hearing you read out this (email), that was not sent to me, and from some of the information I have garnered from my experience yesterday and having studied the case, I will suggest, ma’am, that it appears to me that Ms. Heard was building a dossier very early on that appears to be an insurance policy for later.”

Interestingly, during today's hearing Depp also pointed out Amber Heard used cocaine too and didn't support any efforts for him to get clean.

“There were many times in our relationship, early on, where not only did she chop the cocaine with a razor blade into lines, she would then take the cocaine on her finger and rub it on her gums,” Depp stated.

The trial is ongoing, and scheduled to last three weeks.

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