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John Singleton's Mother Claims Someone Took Items From His Home After His Death

By TheBlast Staff

The battle over John Singleton's estate is about to get even nastier after the late director's mother accused someone of taking things from his house and giving them out without permission.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Sheila Ward filed for an emergency petition to be named special administrator of his estate while she and his daughter battle it out over his will.

In her filing, Ward claims that Singleton's "personal property is at risk." She says that Singleton secured his valuables in a locked office located in his home but claims that the locked office "was recently breached by a third party and items were removed and distributed without authorization to a beneficiary who believed that he was protecting the assets from other beneficiaries."

Ward says she has also been trying to get her hands on the keys to John Singleton's home and his boat but "the above-mentioned third party has keys to the residence and Decedent’s boat, but refuses to turn them over to Petitioner."

She also claims that "disputes have arisen regarding which beneficiaries, if any, have the right to reside in Decedent’s home."

Ward ultimately says, "Given the objections to the Petition for Letters Testamentary by Cleopatra Singleton, a Special Administrator must be appointed to restore order, to secure the Decedent’s assets and to make decisions regarding his real and personal property."

As The Blast previously reported, Ward filed Singleton's will with the court which calls for her to be the executor of the estate, which she agrees to.

Ward says the will was created in 1993 and at the time the will was drafted, only Singleton’s daughter Justice was born. The will calls for her to receive all his belongings when he passes.

In addition, Ward claims the estimated value of Singleton’s estate is $3,797,545. Singleton might have other assets, such as movie rights, the value of which is still to be determined.

Singleton’s mother had previously claimed a large settlement agreement was in the process of being signed when he passed.

Ward and Singleton's daughter Cleopatra have been battling it out in court ever since the director was first hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

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