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Attorney Appointed to Represent John Singleton in Conservatorship Battle

By TheBlast Staff

An attorney was appointed by the court on Monday to represent John Singleton's interests — in the battle between his mother and daughter over conservatorship — on the same day the legendary director passed away.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, an attorney named Yasha Bronshteyn was named to "act as counsel for John Singleton, the proposed conservatee."

The order states that Bronshteyn "shall have access and authority to review and copy the medical records of John Singleton, the proposed conservatee, without his/her consent."

Since Singleton passed away on Monday, unless he died without a will in place — and the court orders the lawyer to continue representation during the probate process — the conservatorship proposition is now moot. A hearing for the matter is scheduled for Friday but will most likely be a formality.

The director’s mother triggered a battle within the family when she filed documents last week seeking to be named conservator over her son. Sheila Ward said that Singleton had “suffered a major stroke” and was “in a coma and is unable to provide for his personal needs.”

Singleton’s daughter Cleopatra painted a different picture. She objected to her grandmother being named conservator and said that her father was “not in a coma.” She said he was “progressing every day” and was hoping he could be “out of the ICU in 5 days.”

In her declaration, Cleopatra said she believes her grandmother should not be named conservator over Singleton’s estate and person. She claimed there was a conflict of interest (Ward is Singleton’s personal and business manager) and believed there should be different and separate conservators for each aspect of his life.

Cleopatra suggested her grandfather and brother.

She said Ward has “abused” her position as Singleton’s manager and has “stated she plans to liquidate his assets immediately and leave his children with nothing.”

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